Who prepares and provides vehicles for the Ukrainian army?

Posted on 20 July 2022



Ukrainian fighters on the front line always need transport — roomy, reliable and fast on off-road. Volunteers bring pickups and vans from all over Europe for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but many of these vehicles need repairs. The technical preparation of the cars is entrusted to Gennady and his team of mechanics, who know about off-road vehicles because before the war they won many trophy-competitions.

The Keep Going Foundation visited Gennady’s workshop and saw what happens to cars that go into military service.

The motivating story of the “4×4” club – a small team of car mechanics who, in peacetime, prepared SUVs for off-road competitions, and today repair cars for deployment to the frontline.

These are exactly the boys and girls who prepare cars, who purchase the “Return to Life” funds, “Shelter Fund” and other volunteers.

Watch the video and don’t forget to switch on the English subtitles. Visit the website of Keep Going: https://www.keepgoing.com.ua/


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