Update from Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov – 29 August

Posted on 29 August 2022



Oleg Zhdanov, the Ukrainian military expert, with his battlefield and military-political situation update on 29 August 2022. Note there is little in this update on the stated Ukrainian Kherson counter-offensive as Oleg prefers keeping the information low for now.


Volyn-Polesye (Belarus – North) & Northern directions

No major changes in the past day. In the north, the enemy shelled civil infrastructure in Sumy Oblast, and carried out air recon of Ukrainian positions. 

Kharkiv direction

Gun, MLRS and tank shelling, aviation strikes, enemy continues air recon of Ukrainian positions.

Sloviansk direction

Gun, MLRS and tank shelling, attempts by the adversary to use recon UAVs which were taken down by air defence; attempted senseless recon by fire – retreated as they did not have artillery support. 

In order to improve tactical position, enemy attempted assault towards Bohorodichnoye, but no success.

Kramatorsk direction

Continued shelling by the enemy of Ukrainian positions and nearby settlements. Decrease in activity can be observed.

Bakhmut direction

Tank, artillery shelling, aviation strikes, air recon with UAVs along the whole line in this direction. Kademy and Zaytsevo – adversary attempted assault but was stopped. The frontline is not changing. 

Avdiivka direction

Weak fire at Ukrainian forces in this whole direction; assault towards Pervomayskoye – unsuccessful, positions did not change.

Novopavloskoye-Zaporizhye direction

Gun, MLRS and tank shelling, aviation strikes along the whole frontline in these two directions. No assault operations, however. The frontline is stable.

Yuzhniy Bug (Pivdenniy Bug) direction

Main efforts of the enemy were to prevent Ukrainian advance, but now there are changes. Enemy attempts to replenish losses, attempts shelling along the whole frontline adjusted by recon UAVs.

Ukrainian forces have broken through the first line of defence, the 109th regiment of the 1st Army Corps from the 8th field army left their positions together with Russian VDV who supported them. Ukrainian forces took these positions. Confirmation of this is expected. This was a result of Ukrainian artillery and aviation that led to Russian forces lose combat ability, or it was result of an assault.

Oleg suggest to wait for official information. 

When it comes to further advancement, it’s important to remember Russians have built 3 lines of defence in direction towards Kherson, although in previous months two first were already broken through. Quick advance is not possible, we need to stay patient.

The Black Sea

No major changes, main efforts by the enemy to recon in the south part of the sea in hope to interfere with shipping. Four Kalibr missile carriers patrol the sea with five more in the Mediterranean, which are not allowed to join those in the Black Sea.

City shelling by and against Ukraine

Kryvyi Rih – a lot of missile shelling. Nearly all of Ukraine heard air sirens. Missile strikes likely came from Belarusian air space. Five Russian fighters launched seven rockets, which landed at Sarny military facility. 

Also Kharkiv and Orekhov which suffered significantly.

Enerhodar residential area was shelled by Russians to create an atmosphere of hatred towards the rest of Ukraine, but this did not have effect. Local channels say shelling came from Enerhodar industrial zone. 

Same for Mykolaiv and its Oblast also suffered from shelling.

AFU’s “unknown forces” struck Donetsk industrial zone ammunition cache and personnel, Horlivka ammo cache, Kherson military unit in the city. In Bereslav many facilities were destroyed including a checkpoint at the gate of the North Crimea canal, and also ammo cache in one of the plants, and personnel near Bereslav.

Near Fiolent Cape in Crimea 10 explosions could be heard, likely “unknown forces”.

There are more strikes on-going, more will be known later.

Military-political situation

  • IAEA mission arrived to Ukraine and went to ZNPP though not clear how they will get there, this should be kept secret. Hopefully they will be allowed but Peskov said he cannot guarantee safety of the mission and there are issues with access.
  • British intelligence said Shoygu has been stopped from taking part in the operation. If true, this is great news as Shoygu was one of the closes friends of Putin – remember their country trips, shaman rituals, dinners sitting by fire. With Gerasimov’s exodus there is no one to deflect all fire from Shoygu. Similar historical precedent was  In April 1945, H1tiler also personally started controlling the situation. 
  • Collaborator deputy was killed in Golaya Pristan’, who agreed to work with Russians. He was knifed to death in his own house. This awaits all collaborators.
  • Bridges over Dnieper are either destroyed or unable to transport vehicles. Ferry and pontoon bridges to replace Antonovsky also were damaged. No crossings are operational.
  • Ukrainian government will double compensation for those who take in refugees from the eastern part of the country.
  • Russian Federation in search of military capable of taking part in combat have reached their facilities in Kazakhstan. Baykonur space launcher contingent saw agitation work to send them to Ukraine, but no one agreed.
  • Russians have a lot of ammunitions in their defensive lines. Ukrainian forces that reached Russian defence today found a bunker with huge numbers of missiles for RPG, 30mm cannon and more. This means Russians will not run out of ammo easily. There is even more ammo in the further lines of defence.

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