Ukrainian Report: Pressure building up at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

Posted on 20 August 2022



This is a translation of a Ukrainian news report surrounding the situation at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant as of 19-20 August. It is provided by 

Pressure is building up at the Zaporizhzhia NPP

Several sources are reporting Russian occupiers are removing their military equipment from the occupied Energodar to the nearby villages. At the same time the Ukrainian employees of ZNPP were ordered to stay home on 19/08 while the ROSATOM representatives reportedly left the site.

Thus, there is some suspicion that russia is preparing a major provocation on ZNPP. Earlier, russia troops were using the ZNPP as a military base. Weapons, military vehicles, ammunition, and explosives were placed directly in the turbine room of one of the ZNPP blocks [as shown in a recent video leaked from the ZNPP]. The last couple of months the Kremlin has been using the ZNPP as a shield, as UAF cannot target them at the plant site. At the same time, the RF is using the power plant to blackmail Ukraine and its allies.

The Central command of Ukrainian Defence Ministry are also reporting that they received information on the future provocation being prepared by the RF at the ZNPP in the near future. One of the indicators is that, for the first time since occupation, the representatives of ROSATOM were absent from the daily briefing at the ZNPP. Energoatom [Ukrainian authority on nuclear energy] is also reporting Russian occupiers are preparing to stop and disconnect the station from the Ukrainian power grid. This would cut the energy supply to part of the Southern Ukraine and constitutes another example of energy terrorism. The Russians will reportedly try to redirect the ZNPP’s energy production towards the occupied Crimea.

Energoatom has informed Kanal24 that Russians are planning to pause the operational nuclear reactors and disconnect the ZNPP from the Ukrainian power grid. Right now, Russians are searching for the fuel for the diesel generators that are supposed to maintain nuclear reactors’ fuel cooling systems working while the ZNPP is disconnected from the outside energy system [Ukrainian power grid].

Before starting to remove the military vehicles from the ZNPP, Russians shelled the Ukrainian city of Nikopol once again from the territory of the nuclear power plant. At the same time, some Russian propagandists were brought to the ZNPP to film and then the territory of the ZNPP was shelled by Russian forces to frame the Ukrainian side.

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