Ukraine War Frontline Update by Oleg Zhdanov – 25 July 2022

Posted on 25 July 2022



Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov brings an update to the frontline situation in Ukraine on 25 July 2022.

In general, the situation at the frontlines is stable, it will not change significantly soon.


Belarus Armed Forces:

Volyn-Polesye northern directions are combined into one. Volyn-Polesye – no changes, the enemy is conducting reconnaissance, continues covering state border and testing combat-readiness of the troops.  40-50km from Ukrainian border in Belarus the Iskander missile brigade ready to strike Ukrainian territory. Activity of the Russian aviation in this direction is declining.

Northern direction

Sumy, Chernihiv – continued shelling of civilian infrastructure.

Sloboda direction

Positional fights, shelling, no changes to the frontline.

Kharkiv direction

Shelling and aviation strikes on Ukrainian troops, responding with artillery. No changes or activity on the frontline. Last night in Kharkiv was calm.

Sloviansk direction

Similarly, no active assault operations by the enemy. Strikes conducted on Ukrainian positions from all available weapons including artillery and aviation. Active enemy reconnaissance with UAVs.

Kramatorsk direction

Shelling and assault activities towards Berestov and Ivanovo-Daryevka, and Verhnekamenka and Ivanovo-Daryevka. 

In both Sloviansk and Kramatorsk directions the offensive operations of the Russian troops were repelled resulting in losses and retreating to initial positions. However, active movements began near Spornoye settlement. At the moment, fights there continue.

Bakhmut direction

Similarly, the enemy continues to destroy the defensive positions of Ukrainian forces with artillery and aviation. They have not enough artillery to create the same fire rate as 2-3 weeks ago but the army aviation is being brought closer. Their main objective is to destroy defensive lines of Ukrainian forces. Yesterday the enemy attempted an assault of Vershyna, but it completely failed, and they retreated. Serious losses inflicted on the enemy. Then the enemy attempted an attack on Mironovskaya – Luhanskaya, fights continue. Kramatorsk and Bakhmut are the most active locations at the moment for the enemy assault operations, but their intensity is decreasing.

Avdeevka-Novopavlovska-Zaporizhye direction

No activities, only shelling from both sides and duels, positional fights, UAV reconnaissance.

South direction

Intensive shelling from the enemy, aviation strikes. From Ukrainian side – deep artillery strikes along the whole line of the Russian forces on the right bank of Dnieper, including aviation strikes.

In Kherson, a Russian S-300 destroyed, presumably the one that was striking Mykolaiv. Likewise, strikes on the enemy at the Russian base in Khrustalnoye in Luhansk Oblast, resulting in significant casualties.

Odesa (and Kharkiv) – calm nights in terms of enemy shelling, which is a very rare occasion. At the same time, Chuguev in Kharkiv Oblast suffered from serious shelling. 

Also strikes at Dnipro Oblast, including Kryvyi Rih region and Dnipro region, and Nikopol, which was attacked by 40 missiles not far from Zaporizhye nuclear power plant.

Also strikes by Russian missiles on Kramatorsk and Mykolaiv.

South direction – all the Russian logistical supplies lines are under Ukrainian fire control in the right bank of Dnipro from Kryvyi Rih to Kherson and the Black Sea. Ukraine is taking the war into the 4th generation war mode, aiming to make it an asymmetrical war, which at the moment means distance missile attacks with no offensive operations. Russia is not being attacked directly. Not only weapon caches are being destroyed but also commanding points, communication lines and air defence. This will then lead to attacks on Russian forces.

Given that all three bridges are disabled in Kakhovka, Daryev over Ingulets, and Antonovsky. This practically divided Russian forces. The objective is to force Russians to do another goodwill gesture but allow the troops to withdraw – equipment is unlikely to be withdrawn given the weakness of the bridges.

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