Russians commentators supporting the missile attack Vinnytsa

Posted on 14 July 2022



Rascists are having a field day after rockets struck the center of the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsa. We’ve visited a number of pages on the Russian social media portal to see the sentiment shared online by Russians. Unsurprisingly, most of the comments support the attacks.

For example, Margarita Simonyan, the chief of the infamous Russia Today media claims the “nazi location point” was hit.

The comments are as follows:

  • Lyubov Stepanova: “Great work! Right in the target, not just anywhere like those *Ukrainians*. The aircon has blown up!
  • Natalya Verhovtseva: “Magnificent!’

One user tried pointing at the fact that innocent people died in the attack. To rascists, this makes no difference:

  • “A child died there”.
  • “You should have a look at the alley of angels with toddlers and 16 year olds in Donbas!”

Similar comments came from other users calling for attack on Kyiv:

  • Sergey Netsterov: “Can we not hit SBU and Ministry of Defence in Kyiv?! These are legal targets!”
  • Eduard Borisov: “Beautiful! Like a balm for the soul! The boys are working! With God’s help!”

  • “Too little, of course, but decent enough”.

Similar sentiment could be observed in the extreme “Agents of Kremlin” page:

Russians would like to see other cities in Ukraine attacked:

  • Vladimir Smirnitskyi: “Vinnytsa is decent, waiting for Lviv and Ternopil”
  • Olga Shofyorova: “Waiting for Lviv like nothing else! Lots of scum there!”

The “Putin speaks!” page shares Simonyan’s post, with commentators supporting the attacks:

  • Mila Parygina: “Glory to our unbeatable warriors! GLORY TO RUSSIA!”
  • Anidoros Kvertov: “Slowly but surely. Doing all right. Step by step everything will be done!”
  • Aleksandr Kern: “No more excuses, need more rockets!”

Very rarely pages shared opposite sentiment. Only a few users openly condemned the attack. For instance, “St. Petersburg Live” page had some reasonable commentators:

  • Ivan Ivanov: “Are these new from Peter? Post them in Vinnytsa Live”
  • Terra Incognita: “Horror!”
  • Ilya Kolesov: “No right words to describe my relationship to all the horror happening and all the people (if they can be called this way) who are doing this”.

There is little hope for the Russians who support these vile attacks against civilians.

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