Russian source: Occupied territories of Ukraine are facing humanitarian catastrophe

Posted on 31 August 2022



Ex-Ukrainian politician, defector Dimitriyev, responding to videos featuring hunger strikes in Mariupol, believes the occupied territories of Ukraine, the Donbass region specifically is facing a serious humanitarian crisis in the nearest future. The message was posted in his Telegram channel.

As I told you from the very beginning (and even before the operation) – Russian managers are simply not able to establish a normal life in the new territories. Not because they are fools (although most often they are), but because the entire management system is designed not for facing challenges and implementation of new projects, but for stability and control. That is, to support life in the Russian region – yes, bread is baked there, but to arrange the delivery of bread to Mariupol – no, because this is beyond the limits of competence and usual powers. Plus, the law enforcement system is set up so that anything going beyond the limits of authority is stopped and the initiator is punished.


Therefore, I think that the new territories will become a zone of humanitarian catastrophe in winter. Restoration of heating and water supply in many affected settlements does not occur. Restoration of housing stock for the most part takes place in the form of window dressing – beautiful houses will be erected on the main streets. There is a hidden struggle for budget contracts – patronage regions, LDNR, Chechens. In addition, people simply have nothing to get by for. Payments to state employees from Ukraine have ended, and those from Russia are difficult to kickstart, even Putin’s 10,000 [rubles], for the most part, have evaporated somewhere. Small business could rectify the situation, but in the Russian system of coordinates it is seen more as a problem. So, for example, in Melitopol, the first thing they banned was street trading, and in Kherson they took away goods for “illegal trading activities.”


Therefore, when you fantasise that Ukraine will die of cold and hunger in winter, you must understand that it will not be the first victim of winter. In the fall, a new wave of refugees may pour in from the occupied territories, and no one even understands where to take them.


It is especially strange that the stake in the campaign before the referendum in the territories has been put on historical unity.


An agitator comes, such an ardent Moscow boy, to the father of the family and says: “Would you like to talk about our Russian Empire?”

They answer him: “Let’s talk about the supply of coal and food.”

The boy answers: “I can’t help in this regard. But in the Russian Empire, before the revolution, the supply of food and fuel was great!”

Aleksandrov responds to Dimitriyev:

Not only “new territories”, but also old ones, primarily the Donetsk agglomeration, will become a zone of humanitarian catastrophe in winter. I don’t know what the people of Luhansk have, but in Donetsk there is a complete lack of water, and even that “garage economy” that also ceased to exist due to the monstrous mobilisation of the civilian population. Plus the wildest (in comparison with the same Rostov) food prices.

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