Russian Nazi volunteer group says Ukraine cannot be denazified as “it is not a nation”

Posted on 14 June 2022



This is what Ukraine is standing up against. The most radical of the Russian nationalist groups, the DShRG ‘Rusich’, the nazis in their purest form (and boasting about it!), share their view of the Special Military Operation, saying it is impossible there to be nazis in Ukraine due to Ukraine not being a true nation. The commander of this unit is Aleksei Milchakov who openly stated of being a Nazi.

One of the main objectives of the Special Military Operation is the alleged denazification of Ukraine. Unfortunately, propagandists of a rather low level (even compared to Ukrainian) are now spreading this idea like if it is a prayer. However we, not believing the propaganda, but instead relying on our personal experience and well-known facts, know for sure that UAF does not all consist of Ukrainian nazis or nationalists, contrary to what we are being told (we doubt there’s more than 10% of people with such an ideology there).


However, this does not mean that those fighting against us should not be destroyed.


For 31 years in Ukraine, when the serfs were left to do whatever they wanted, an ideology was born and pushed to the masses (especially in  the past 8 years), an ideology much worse than the fictional nazism – the Russophobia.


It was this plague we were fighting in 2014 and 2015 until the active phase of the hostilities finished, and it is to fight this infection we came back in 2022.


Nazism naturally requires an existence of a nation, which in 30 years could not form in Ukraine (original Russian lands). The small-town “village racism” of the Russians who for various reasons imagine themselves to be a separate nation is ridiculous, the attempts of the Russians mixed with Poles, Tatars, Romanians and Jews to declare themselves a people is also laughable.


These “Russians with pig tails”, who took as a basis the elements of the Russian statehood (such as placement of the falling Rurik’s falcon on the coat of arms) and elements of the Old Slavonic language mixed with neighbouring languages and the kolkhoz dialect (inherent to many remote places in Russia) cannot be and are not a nation which can be denazified.


For us it is more of a decommunisation, since Ukraine as a sovereign state owes it to Lenin whose project we are striving to destroy.


And also, how could the alleged “nazis” fight against their brothers in the First and the Second Chechen wars, and in Georgia on the side of foreigners and gentiles, and in 2014 on Maidan there were flags of Ichkeria. We certainly remember all of this and understand that if the mad serf is not calmed down, he won’t calm down himself.


And to the question of – “How can you, the Russian nationalists, fight with Ukrainians, don’t you have the same views?”, we simply answer – “We can, with pleasure”.

Western leaders who are hesitating with helping Ukraine, ask yourself – is this what you want? Is this who you want to be negotiating with? Is this who should not be losing their face?

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