Russian commentator on the British Government crisis

Posted on 07 July 2022



If you would like to know the view of Russian commentators on the crisis within the British Government, see this opinion shared by Andrey Medvedev (100k telegram followers) and shared by a number of big channels such as Vladlen Tatarskyi (372k followers). This opinion quite clearly demonstrates typical projection-type thinking of Russians who apply their own government situation to countries around the globe, and their opponents specifically. The commentator is unable to assume that democracy might exist in the world. No, for him politics is a just matter of conspiracy theories with shadow governments and big money sources ruling over MPs like puppet masters:

Discussions that the possible (I emphasise, possible) departure of Johnson from premiership might change the foreign policy of Britain, or that the resignations in the government are a result of economic problems is the evidence of complete misunderstanding by commentators of how politics work in Britain.

I have written many time and I will repeat: real politics is not the hilarious Johnson. And not his Cabinet. Real politics is the “old money”, capitals and structures, which started appearing at the peak of the East India Company. Real politics is aristocracy, which is in many ways linked to the old money.

And Johnson, just like other dummies from his office, are just functions. They do everything as the senior guys say. And Johnson’s problem is in that he, likely, was doing everything right – he ignited Ukraine, and launched sanctions, and strangled Russia to the best of his ability, but as some point he just did something without asking the advice of adults.

What exactly it was we can only presume. Possibly, there was a number of mistakes and decisions that Johnson did not agree with others. Who grabbed who by the a*s at a party is not a reason for resignations. It’s just a screen.

I will risk to assume that Johnson was not able to provide the right course of events in Ukraine, which made it a liability. Some wrote that he also quarrelled with the military elite and part of the intelligence. To relaunch the Ukraine business-project “ukraine”, another manager is needed.

Anyway, comrade Johnson’s resignation won’t be any better for us. Someone more zealous will come, and likely smarter. Someone who will be proposing some peace agreements around Ukraine. To prepare more capable military units of UAF. In about five years.

I can be wrong but history suggests this is very much British style.

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