Russian Border Guards attacked in Belgorod on 5 July with Sniper Fire

Posted on 06 July 2022



New – Alleged Ukrainian sabotage group attacked the Russian border field position on 5 July around Krasnaya Yaruga village in Belgorod Oblast, killing a border guard with a sniper fire, and injuring several more with automatic grenade launchers. This was mostly reported by Russian sources, as well as Meduza.

Below is a translation of the details of the event as described by Russian Lobaev Vlad blogger:

Details emerged of the situation with the murdered border guard. Quite terrifying details, it has to be said, since they once again revealed two major problems. But first, description of the event:


In the morning of 5 July 2022, between 9:30 and 11AM, the enemy *Ukrainian* sabotage group attacked the field post of border forces of the FSB under construction, located around Krasnaya Yaruga village and Grayvoron town in Belgorod Oblast. We know the exact location but we will not be naming it. Fire contact started with a somewhat atypical tactic of the enemy. Specifically – with a sniper shot from a distance of over 1 kilometer (1600 meters according to some sources), presumably from Barrett rifle, 12.7x99mm caliber. With a headshot, praporshik Vitaliy was killed, the clerk of one of the departments involved in construction work. The head was smashed to pieces. After this, the personnel of the border guards was attacked from small caliber grenade launchers, AGS ‘Plamya’ type. Due to this, several more border guards received injuries.


Whether the return fire brought any results, and what are the losses of the attackers, there is no data. But it is known that no one will be giving the status of “combatants” to the border guards. That is despite the fact that they are taking quite substantial losses, especially considering their total numbers. And they often have to stand against overwhelming enemy forces, or even be under fire of heavy weapons.


Based on this data, several conclusions can and must be made:


1. The enemy switched to new tactics using long-range sniper weapons. Our lads have simply nothing to answer to this with! Except for, of course, heavy infantry weapons like mortars and automatic grenade launches, which still need to be deployed and properly aimed. Which of course leads a loss of valuable minutes and gives the enemy an opportunity to withdraw safely.


2. Treatment of border guard personnel. No words here! Question – why no counter-terrorist operation state is being implemented in the border zone, and the lads are not given the benefits they are entitled to? Are they waiting for the people to start running off? Or are they saving money this way? This is peanuts compared to other expenses! And there are all the reasons to pay them! But something is going on here again…

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