Russian blogger: “Russian Federation is a simulation of the true Russia, and it failed us again”

Posted on 19 July 2022



Another depressing (for Russians) text was shared by ex-Ukrainian, now pro-Russian politician Dimitriyev (originally from Odesa, lives in Russia since 2014), whom we’ve already shared on a number of occasions. To be clear, this is not his own post, but one he endorsed by sharing on his Telegram channel. The original poster is a somewhat obscure Russian commentator who nevertheless produced something worth for us to look at.

The past few months have been the time of surprising revelations from some of our pro-Russian opponents, and this message is no different. It does appear that they are finally starting to understand one simple truth, which is that Russia wouldn’t have to invade and attack ANYONE if it was capable of giving irresistible value to surrounding countries. But even more importantly it failed at both the socio-economics and the war because it’s a fake state, an image of the “true Russia”.

Let’s have a look at the post:

Humanity has long been aware of one simple truth: for you to be valued, for your opinions to be considered, for you to matter, it is important for you to represent something integral.


Recent events of the past few days and everyday conversations led me to thinking of the people who sympathise with Russia. Sympathy for Russia translates into sympathy to the Russian Federation (RF), since there is no alternative. An alternative is the most terrifying thing for the contemporary Russian Federation, but we are not talking about it now.


Just recently on the internet a discussion of soft power came up. The conclusions were as follows: Russian Federation uses the image of Russia for its own selfish purposes. A huge socio-economic simulation of Russia was built. Russia is a mask, which the feudal-corporative RF is using. But if for the internal consumer this image works decently, for the external (other states and their population) it became a reason for the inadequate perception of the actions of the RF.


Russia is an image, which the RF is using extremely ineptly. The efficiency of the Kremlin noviops (note: a Russian term used to describe representatives of the so-called “New Historical Community”, a fake Soviet people who combine all its nationalities into one) in the role of Russian imperialists is in the negative range. They are suffering from this no less than the population they control. And their fate is unenviable.


But noviops are not to be feel sorry about. They are cretins, who in 30 years have not reached the common truths. They are not losers, they are truly intellectually handicapped. Or the opposite – they are very clever and perform a “multi-move” to eliminate our country and our people from the political map of Europe. What is better? To each their own…

The author points here at the difference between the Russians and the citizens of the Russian Federation. The latter term (rossiyane) has been extensively used in the modern Russian Federation to “replace” (as the author believes) the name of the ethnic Russian population. For the author, the modern Russian Federation with its imaginative imperialism is a simulation of the “real” Russia that was destroyed during the Soviet rule. Being a simulation that takes form of a corporation with a clearly defined ruling elite, it is vastly ineffective.

However, we feel sorry for the common folk. What drives them? Irrational, blood-bound attachment to Russia. They love Russia, but Russia does not reciprocate, because instead of Russia there is the RF. Sorry for those who entered the open fight with the enemies of Russia and was betrayed by the RF. Sorry for those who never waited for their own to come. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since 2014, millions of Russians were sold, but the SMO appeared to be the second chance. But it turned out to be a second, even more global disappointment.


In 2014 the RF did not enter the Ukraine as it fell for some agreements, and this was the worst thing for the Donbas and Kharkiv Russians. Donbassians were slain with guns without hesitation, Kharkivites were slaughtered in SBU basements. In other regions it turned out more honestly, without illusions. This year the RF entered three oblasts – Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy, which it abandoned a month later as a result of some new agreements (as if the old ones were fulfilled by anyone other than the RF). Do we have any idea how many of those sympathising with Russia have died after all of this? Because people succumbed to the irrational feeling of attachment to Russia.

Adepts of “true” Russia are common but they are not needed by the Russian Federation. Not only these Russians were abandoned in the 2014 conflict, they were frankly used and betrayed by the oligarchy of the Russian Federation for selfish goals, left to be eliminated by Ukrainians.

Here we can see in the author a common problem with Russians who are simply unable to view the world outside of this imperialistic framework, regardless of whether it is the Empire of Russia or the Russian Federation. They can only see Ukraine through the prism of ownership, incapable of moving on from the past despite fully realising what sort of a gimmick the Russian Federation turned out to be for “the Russians”.

Those who came to fight in Ukraine in 2014 were hoping for Russia to be reborn. But alas, all they found was disappointment and death.

Recently I saw a video of some Old Believers who moved to the RF (from Latin America or something like that). Why did they come? To be tortured by Soviet bureaucracy, deprived of any illusions about the difference of Russia which they left and the RF where they arrived? They trusted the familiar image, abandoned their lives there to settle down here, for what?


Generally, feel humanly sorry for anyone who sacrificed everything for Russia but ended up in the realities of the RF, either betrayed for murky agreements or utterly disappointed. It is because the RF is nothing of itself. Why would it be, if it is a neofeudal corporation? And people have yet to understand it, although there were reasons to start thinking before. And when it happens the RF won’t be able to continue riding on the residual movement of sacrificial Russian passionarism, while the Selivanovs, Strelkovs, Zhilins, Zacharchenkos, Mozgovoys (note: various “heroes” of the “Russian Spring” of 2014) and others appear on their own. No, this won’t happen. Then, the System will stall completely, and a total nightmare will begin. And all this against the backdrop of a complete loss of fear of the Russian Federation on the part of external players, since they’ve already parted with their illusions.

The “Special Operation” was meant to give these true “Russians” another chance to restore the historical justice but the Russian Federation failed once again, the author concludes. It didn’t act in 2014 by invading Ukraine in full, and it once again failed to reach the true target it declared to the internal audience – to conjure Ukraine and outplay the whole world. It failed, because it is essentially incapable of producing anything but value for its owners. And we, the people of the world and especially Ukrainians are falling innocent victims of the terrible misunderstanding that is the modern Russia.

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