Russian Blogger Murz slams separatist technological efforts

Posted on 15 June 2022



Russian Blogger Murz, a friend of Igor Girkin, who previously reported on the calamity that was the Russian 35th Army, publishes a new text slamming the technological efforts in the L/DPR forces, and proclaiming that current Russian government is not interested in the defeat over Ukraine, otherwise it would have carried out mobilisation:


I don’t know when I am going to finish watching it, but I already feel it’s important to provide a link to the video with Strelkov and Kvachkov with a detailed discussion of all the current military issues. A number of problems were voiced which need to be known and understood. Everyone should watch it.


I continue admiring and envying Kvachkov despite all his nonsense about Jewish Freemasonry. The person is hardened. Despite the age and long sentences, to preserve such a sound mind… Wish we all could be that in his age.


I watched until the discussion that the mobilisation in the RF is not being carried out because it would show how degraded our army system is if it was carried out on a larger scale than even in the Republics. And generally the discussion of the idiocy of mobilisation in the Republics. And a long list of things we didn’t have.


Let me interrupt this woeful list of everything that was not given to people, and who from the valuable specialists like medics and electronic engineers were sent to combat with one simple fact. And everything will become clear. I mean everything.


During the formation of the headquarters of reservist regiments and battalions no one has added to the list of important things such an obvious thing like computers, printers, and MFPs. No one. And these regiments and battalions in conditions where prices for electronics suddenly shot up, in addition to all the border closures, faced the fact that if they themselves do not buy at least 10-15 computers and laptops, which is a minimum for a regiment, in addition to printers and everything else, then they will have to keep all accounting in handwritten form to simply not lose people in accounting and to draw up the most basic documentation. It would not even be like in the Great Patriotic War where at least they had typewriters. But it would be like in First World War and earlier.


Certainly, all these regiments and battalions were attached to already existing regiments and brigades of LPR and DPR People’s Militias. But in those, the situation was the same for years – if you needed a workspace with a computer you have to buy it yourself. Do we even need to talk about what was happening in an average unit when it came to regular printing of maps, reports of flyovers and other items? It certainly wasn’t our own “Prizrak” battalion where the late “Kind man” *Mozgovoy* sought to have all this office to work like clockwork, printing maps and all the necessary paperwork 24 hours a day, not our battalion where we were helped by a lot of people including those connected to the “Kind man”. I’m talking about the average.


Unprofessionalism, the understandable unprofessionalism of a huge number of junior and middle commanders conscripted through mobilisation could be compensated by giving them ready-made forms and examples of standard documentation. Profile literature in electronic format which they could print themselves in necessary numbers and so on. People could at least communicate with the system in a correct, clerical way, eliciting from it in a procedurally correct way the things that they needed. They could look in the literature on how to generally command the troops.


But no. The brain is not needed. People had nothing, and there will be nothing. Since the brain and the nervous system in working condition are not needed by anyone. Let the clumsy pedestrians run through the puddles to attack. “There is no war without losses” and all that.


Just recently I installed the operating system onto a laptop of DPR reservists. The alliance of telegram channels OPSB helped them, bought them with crowdsourced money at least one PC and one printer for the headquarters, to at least run the account of the personnel and all the basic things, yet one PC – is too little, so they were given another computer, a used laptop which recently came from the RF. The laptop is slow. What exactly is the problem – there is no time to figure out. The laptop is beaten by life, there can be many reasons, there are other interesting glitches there. But there is no time to service it or take it apart myself. I installed the system, uploaded the right military literature library, passed it. The result? Painfully and slowly but at least somehow the people are keeping documentation. So it won’t happen that a person has fought for a month but didn’t get his pay. Or a person is wounded by there are no documents about his injury. Of course, as soon as we can revive anything from our computer stockpiles formed with efforts of KTsPN, it will also be given to reservists. “Half-protected” and simple civilian laptops are used for headquarters tasks, “protected” laptops – for combat tasks.


We need our battalions and regiments to have headquarters, the “brains of the army”. But those who came up with mobilisation don’t need it. And without a brain there will be nothing except for corpse trucks taking away wounded and dead from the frontline. Despite any desperate heroism of the soldiers, both professional LPR and DPR People’s militants, and the republican “mobs”.


As our comrade Grubnik often says, “our people won’t come for help”. “Our people”, that’s us.


I’ll expand on this thought.


The Russian state lost this war back in 2014. It did not want this war, it sought to get away from it, to find an agreement, not realising that it was the endgame. Russia is scheduled for slaughter, the burning of fifty Russians in a “European country” did not cause any changes in the “mass consciousness of the layman”, did not cause anything, if ended up in the news at all.


Then the Russian state started a long-term trade with the blood of the defenders of Donbas. It lost the trade, as expected. No choice was left – either to fight, or the existing political regime would soon fall leading to a loss of Donbas first, and then Crimea.


When they officially decided to fight, they once again decided to step on the pile of “saving the Ukrainian state” and quickly change the authorities in Kyiv while being inspired by total bollocks that are their reports and analytics. Well, it just cannot be that we invested so much money in Medvedchuk and others, and he turned out completely useless.


It turned out to be completely predictable. And all the blood spilled by Donetsk and Luhansk people in February and March, which did not allow Ukrainians to transfer troops from Kharkiv and Kyiv, turned out to be in vain. “De-escalation”, yes.


And now we are busy with grinding down the rest of our combat-ready infantry over the Ukrainian defence. For now, the work of the artillery is still somehow saving these remnants from full extermination, but the losses are happening, and it’s totally ridiculous compensating them with disabled and diabetics.


The guards will of course find a million reasons why it is necessary to shoot yourself in the legs with such frequency and accuracy, but these are such amazing people, that’s their job.


Sensible people need to get used (if someone hasn’t yet since May 2014) to a fact that the Russian state definitely cannot win this war BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WANT IT. Russian state does not want a red (ESPECIALLY red) Victory banner over Bankovaya. Russian state does not want Kyiv back in Russia. It does not want to crush the reptile that is Ukrainian nationalism.


Russian state does not want Russian victory, it wants an agreement. After the agreement there will be chance to live somewhere that is not Russia, to heal up in old age somewhere like Germany, Israel or Switzerland. To see how children with foreign passports walk around London and Paris. To realise  the unspoken: “Well, okay, we were born and raised in this rubbish dump that is Russia/USSR, but the children, the children should go to the civilisation, should be raised and learned like the white people”.


This is how they are thinking. This is exactly and the only way they are thinking. Thus their lack of desire to win the war is completely understandable. And the long-term sabotage is totally logical. 


And the West perfectly understands it. It will continue exploiting these hopes and dreams of our leaders. To win over Russians and destroy us as a people.


Therefore only the Russian people can win (if they manage) this war, our civil society. Perhaps only with the self-preservation instinct, if it’s actually still there at all. We, unlike those in power, have no other country but Russia. If we lose we will die as a nation, as people, country, we will lose the ability to have our own state. Even now it’s not exactly ours, but it will all end with us having no chances to have another one. It’s a new edition of Plan “Ost”.


So at least until the moment when the UAF and their allies prepare the necessary reserves and deal serious large-scale counter-strike to our forces, until it becomes simply indecent turning a blind eye to the developing situation, we will have to fight without any mobilisation and martial law in RF. In a situation where hostilities are carried out with lacking, poorly trained and poorly equipped forces. Accordingly, these forces will somehow need to be trained and equipped “on a voluntary basis” in order to suffer fewer losses and kill more Nazis at the same time.


We need victory. Our state does not need a victory.


So it goes.

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