Recap of intercepted Russian calls: Week 30 May – 5 June 2022

Posted on 05 June 2022



Recap of the Russian calls intercepted by the Ukrainian SBU and GUR agencies, week 30 May – 5 June 2022. As evidenced from the calls published, the morale of the Russian troops is dwindling, though the war crimes and looting committed by them continue.

30 May – Russian soldiers are ready to kill their generals who are forcing them to go on the offensive.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(R):Last night the commander arrived.


(W): The company commander arrived?


(R):What company? The area… the f*cker came here. He was asked a question… by someone whos contract is ending… And he asked me – “How long until the end of your contract?”. I said – “20-something days”. He – “Well, you have twenty days to die here.


(W): Is he out of his f*cking mind?


(R):Yep. And then everyone started refusing going forward, going to the front. That’s bullshit now. Our BTG, of 600 people, we have 215 people remaining. Everyone else is either killed or wounded.


(W): F*cking motherf*cker. Is he f*cking nuts?


(R):Yeah… in our battery almost everyone refused, f*ck. He started waving with his gun, shooting, said – “I’ll kill you if you don’t go there!”. And then this kid says – “Come on, kill!”. F*ck, he pulled out the grenade, the pin, and said – “Come on, shoot me, come on! We’ll blow up together here”. That’s all. Even spetsnaz were pointing guns at us, and we pointed guns at them too. In short, we almost shot each other, f*ck. He got in his car and left.


(W): F*ck this! Go home now!


(R):I think so too, f*ck. After his words I don’t want to stay here at all! F*ck this! He said – “You have twenty days…”


(W): What’s his last name?


(R):Solodchuk. Col. General.


(W): Scumchuk?


(R):So-lod-chuk. Col. General.


(W): F*cking f***ot. Is he insane?


(R):Thing is, our brigade is just unable to capture anything anymore, since, for f*cks sake, there’s nothing left here! Everything is smashed up! There’s no personnel left, there’s f*ck all! F*ck, we only have one staff gun commander remaining. We have only two guns left out of twelve! Everything is smashed up to bits! And out of the 12 vehicles, only three that can still move!

30 May – Ukrainian defenders annihilated a large unit of Wagner Group mercenaries in Donbas. After liquidating an elite unit of the Russian Armed Forces, “ordinary” Russian invaders are afraid to continue fighting.

This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation between the invaders, which was intercepted by the SBU. No specific information about the location of the incident has been provided.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(R): This frontier that needs to be taken, they f*cking sent so many of those PMC guys* there. But there’s zero f*cking use of these PMC guys! All these f*cking PMC guys have perished there. It’s a f*cking spetsnaz, they’re f*cking well-prepared. They all f*cking perished… Well, not all, some useless leftovers remained. F*ck knows, I see no way out of this f*cking situation…

(W): F*ck them with their army.


* PMC guys – members of the private military companies such as Wagner Group

31 May – In a recent call intercepted by Ukrainian GUR, a Russian invader moans to his woman about massive losses of the Russian Armed Forces taken while storming various settlements in Donbas. The call is recent as the soldiers mentions Krasnyi Lyman which was taken by the Russians a few days before this post was made (31 May 2022).

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(W): How’s it going there?


(R): We’re advancing…


(W): Lyman?


(R): Lyman’s already taken.


(W): Yeah, I’ve read.


(R): They, basically, took Lyman, started advancing further, but further is the “greenery”, the same as we have – fields, forests. They got busted up… It was easier for them in the city, the artillery doesn’t work the same way, however the artillery is slapping so hard here you can’t get your nose out at the front, so they got busted up big time. Our direction in general is the most f*cked “…” They promised a medal to me.


(W): Holy hell!


(R): Nah… it’s just insofar as… the main thing is to come back home, Yulya, and for the boys to stay alive. Since those who came with me, the first batch, seven people are remaining out of sixty. “…” Every day we have wounded, every single day wounded, every day killed, you see? Every day someone dies, every day someone gets wounded. People are taken out of here in droves, you see? Going into an attack is a f*cking nightmare, imagine – they *Ukrainians* are sitting in entrenched, they have embrasures, they have everything poured in with concrete. They have trenches, they just sit there and wait for us and simply shoot us. They *command* said to us they’ll be paying 8,000 Rubles ($125) with each attack. And we attack every day… But you see how it works – it’s an attack agreed with General Staff, right? So they’ll say in Moscow – “this brigade should be attacking”… but during all this time, while we’ve been here, we officially attacked for just 3 days, right? While in reality, we’ve been attacking for a month now! I’m telling you, they are such c*nts, I can’t call them any other way, this is just so… At least give the people… why did you set the payment in dollars? You should pay people in rubles!


(W): I don’t understand, why dollars?


(R): Because it’s profitable for them, you see?! They know the dollar price is falling. It will come to that dollar will be 30 rubles, and they’ll be paying us $53!


(W): They can’t just dump the military like that!


(R): How come – “can’t”? I thought they treat the military like rubbish while I was there *at home*, but when I came here, I realised who the military are, you see? Especially the infantry – I’m an infantry, we are mere consumables, right? No one gives a f*ck here, there are wounded here who’ve been lying for weeks, who need to be urgently evacuated…

1 June – Reservists from DPR are being told they are volunteers rather than mobilised, therefore can be thrown to the very frontline despite being in reserve. This is evidenced from a call between two Russian men, both presumably serving in Donbas, intercepted by Ukrainian GUR.

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man

(R1):On the internet there’s fuss about wives, women of Donetsk blocking some military unit. It’s a f*cking mess.


(R2): We had that today! We had that today!


(R1):You did?


(R2): It’s the 115th Kharkiv *regiment*, I don’t know if the talk was about that, but we’ve had something going on today. It’s the 115th, which has students… Pushilin’s order came out that the students should be let go. Started letting go of students, their mothers and girlfriends came over and started protesting – “Scumbags, the mobilisation is illegal! Are you out of your f*cking mind? Where have you taken our children?!”. So there was some fuss today, their command spoke about it. Their deputy battalion commander comes over here occasionally to replace radios, so they hang out at our opposition. It was him who talked about it… I don’t know if that’s what they wrote about on the internet, but I know they had some sh*t going down there. It’s a complete mess, you see? “…” Same as when we were in Mariupol and were told… when they threw us to the very front, and the boys started rioting – “why the f*ck we, the reservists, are going to the front, and especially in the first line?” And they said to us – “you are not reservists, you are volunteers. Everyone who came here came as volunteers”.


(R1):They’re taking us for fools, the Russians at the airport are also saying there’s plenty of self-shootings and no one wants to come here…

2 June – Russian fascist military administration kidnaps people in the occupied territories of Ukraine, as claimed by the Ukrainian SBU security service. Per SBU, the invaders are demanding between $10,000 and $30,000 for release, depending on the family’s wealth.

A series of intercepted calls made within the Melitopol area of Ukraine demonstrates citizens calling the ‘komendatura’ – the fascist military administration – in hope to find information about the kidnapped family members. In the best traditions of Russia, the person responding to calls is rude, unprofessional and audibly annoyed.


(M)=Man (W)=Woman (three different women)

*Komendatura = “Commandant’s Office” i.e. military administration.

Call 1:


(W): Good day, is this Melitopol komendatura*?


(M): Yes.


(W): I would like to make a claim, is this possible?


(M): Come over and make it in writing.


(W): Can I not do it over the phone?


(M): Well, of course not…


(W): It’s just that, your guys from komendatura arrived, and locked my husband in a trunk. Didn’t present their documents, nothing…


(M): Right, if you want to make any claim, come over to komendatura and make a claim in writing. Questions like that are not resolved while sitting at home. Neither resolved over the phone.


(W): I understand you. It’s just that they came and said they were from Melitopol komendatura, so I rang you…


(M): We have everyone in their places in komendatura.


Call 2:


(W): Hello!


(M): Yeah?


(W): I wanted to ask, do you have the Melitopol police phone number?


(M): No. No, I don’t have the police phone number.


(W): It’s just that they came here and said they were from police. Handcuffed *the husband*, put in a trunk, took away the car… They said they were from police.


(M): *Unintelligible*


(W): We called you from another number already.


(M): Well… call the police, what else can I say to you?


Call 3:


(W): Hello. Could you please tell me. I’m calling you from Tokmak. My husband, he was taken away from Tokmak, they said he was sent to Melitopol… to 58th army… The 58th army took him. What am I meant to do?


(M): This is Rosgvardia komendatura. You need to come over here… and… um… And I can forward you to komendatura… umm… the army komendatura.

4 June – In a nonchalant way, the invader tells his mother about mass looting and rapes, explaining how his friend attempted to take the loot out of the country and got searched by FSB, who “even” took away “their” fishing rods.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman, presumably his mother

(R): Our own folks went to Russia… Gashiev with another soldier went to Russia to do some business. FSB over there round up everyone for searches, they even took their fishing rods, nearly had them arrested. Thankfully Gashimov had some acquaintances… It’s very strict there.


(W): What for?


(R): Do you remember the photo with a quadbike I sent you? So they tried to take it out, to sell later.


(W): *laughs*


(R): They *FSB* took it away! It’s a nightmare, they take away everything, even the fishing rods!


(W): *unintelligible*


(R): Some are looting here, one looter got caught – he was trying to steal a TV… he’s done – sentenced. Some other guy raped a 15-year old girl in a village nearby or something…


(W): Oh wow, a nazi guy?


(R): No, ours, our soldier. Some of our idiots have enough brains for that “…” Volunteers, the 3rd infantry company is 95% volunteers, because the rest are either 200s *dead* or 300s *wounded*. There’s nothing left of the infantry “…” They shoot each other all the time. They have no comms, they’ll say – “none of ours are there”, so they’ll go and shoot everyone. Our regiment had an engineer from the 15th brigade killed there. It’s a nightmare. Two of our tanks engaged in a fight, also 200s, 300s. This sort of bullsh*t is happening all the time here. Our artillery sometimes shells our own infantry.


(W): On TV it all goes swimmingly… but it’s a mess, everyone knows it’s a mess. If it wasn’t for this mess it all would have ended a long time ago, Ulan.


(R): Our regiment always “distinguishes” itself.


(W): Oh, don’t say, Ulan…


(R): Our regiment commander is the same. When our vehicles were blown up he said – grab the shovels and go as infantry, to die. That’s what our battalion commander said.


(W): Really? What a f*cking scumbag.

4 June – Russian invader is losing it while speaking on the phone with his mother. He is desperate to get home, but to no avail. Highly suggest listening to the audio to get an idea of the tone.

The Russian soldier is evidently desperate to get home – but to no avail. Attempting to go the legal way and discharge via breaking the contract doesn’t seem to always work – the ‘refusniks’ are kept in schools while caring officers tell them how much of scumbags and traitors they are for trying to quit. The only real way to escape is to somehow get to Russia and write a report from there – which is nearly impossible since the border between Ukraine and Russia is secured by FSB officers examining every single car to ensure no “runners” could cross.

Add to that delays in payment, and the Russian soldier cannot hide his emotions anymore. Scroll down to find the original video and the translated transcript right beneath it.

(R)=Russian soldier (M)=His mother

(R): Hi mom. How’s it going?


(M): Alright. What about you?


(R): It’s f*cked! It’s really, really f*cked!


(M): Eh?


(R): There will be no withdrawal, since there is no such directive that the special f*cking operation will last for 90 days. They said up to A YEAR they can keep us here! F*ck, discharging from here is completely pointless! Here some people wrote reports – they took their weapons, they are now sitting in a school for four days! Just sitting! They are being told how much of f***ots they are, traitors, worse than sh*t-eaters! You’re not men, you’re women!  And they are sitting there listing to it all, with a hope to be discharged! F*ck no! Until you get to Russia – no f*cking way you can get discharged! AT ALL! But how can you even get to Russia? FSB at the border, they are checking every single car, every tiny bolt, just in case a runner is hiding there! But the only way is to get there, give up all this sh*t *weapons* and write a report where they couldn’t refuse anymore, only through a court with me. I have no f*cking clue how to get out of here! I have no f*cking ideas! To survive here for a week, you can start a f*cking celebration! F*ck, how sick I am of this f*cking army and this f*cking state! F*ck, it would be better if they attacked us!


(M): What is there to do?


(R): Ring the f*cking soldier mothers committee, f*ck the military prosecution! Tell them – “F*ck, I’m separating, I’m a sick woman, I have one son, bring him back home!” Google: Voronezh, Boguchary, prosecution, commandant’s office…


(M): I spoke to that one, he said – “we are not keeping any there forcibly, he can break the contract any time!”


(R): Yes, yes! Of course! No one is kept here forcibly! “…” Tomorrow we’ll be going to write the refusal reports. I’ll stay there. At least it’s safer there. I’m going to write: “I f*cked this army in the mouth together with this country! I won’t be serving this f*cking dump”. F*ck, I’m gonna go to a court with them, these b*tches are not paying me anything. In those three months I should have had 600-700 thousand *rubles*, and what do I have? 300 thousand! They give ZERO f*cks about me.


(M): Why is…by the way.. why is nothing *the operation* coming to an end?


(R): It’s because we can’t even advance one bit! Our army – sucks! Frankly – it sucks! We have no one, no one to advance, do you understand? Eight people to take a village! Eight, mom!!! Against them – 500 people entrenched in concrete! And they have eight people without any support at all! What is there to say?! What “strong” Russian army?! It’s a f*cking SHAM army!

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