Recap of intercepted Russian calls – Week 22-29 May

Posted on 29 May 2022



Recap of the Russian calls intercepted by the Ukrainian SBU, week 22-29 May 2022. This week, we’ve heard a lot of interesting regarding Russian soldiers’ motivation to continue fighting starting to dwindle, with many actively looking for ways to escape. We’ve also learned more about the war crimes committed by the Russian soldiers, which they rarely hide in the phone calls believing their connection is secure.


22 May – Due to devaluation of 3 million rubles, the compensation for injuries is not enough even for a one-room apartment in the Russian countryside.

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man

(R1): I got myself a car also.

(R2): Really? Which one?

(R1): Volkswagen Polo, fully loaded.

(R2): Wow! Brand new?

(R1): Nah, of course not. ’12 plate. How could I get a new one? The prices went up real bad.

(R2): Real bad?

(R1): Well… I bought it, and didn’t regret.

(R2): Yeah?

(R1): The only thing is it has a painted left fender and a hood. Everything else is factory fitted.

(R2): That’s fine. Why didn’t you buy a flat?

(R1): A flat… here in Astrakhan one bedroom costs 4 million… *rubles*

(R2): Holy f*ck!

(R1): Starshina says – one more wound and you’ll have just enough! *laughs*



23 May – Russian invaders discuss war crimes committed by their fellow servicemen. They say FSB started 300 criminal investigations just in one regiment, one of the crimes included ‘raping a 8-year old girl’.

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man

(R1): So, in short, I can tell you one scary story. The regiment commander arrived, put us in a formation. And said there will be no exchanges, changes, you shouldn’t be hoping. They’ll bring you the cards in the next few days…

(R2): Yeah.

(R1): Basically, until Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts are not fully liberated, you can forget about rotation. And regarding why we aren’t moving forward – it’s because the main group of our forces is in DPR. When they finish there, then they’ll start transferring forces here and only then we’ll start moving *laughs*.

(R2): *laughs*

(R1): Can you imagine? Can you imagine this?

(R2): Mhm.

(R1): Also, he spoke about the 125th regiment. They’re also here somewhere, at the front line, they’re doing some wild sh*t there. The FSB were there, they started 300 criminal investigations. Including that they raped a 8-year old girl. 

(R2): Holy f*ck.

(R1): They are looting, they took over someone’s gas station, they were taking fuel from people and selling it through the gas station. The regiment commander, also battalion commanders, and assistant battalion commanders… everyone is in trouble. So look, he said, and think with the upper ‘head’, not the ‘lower’. 

(R2): And we only have a drone swimming*.

(R1): So, nothing good. The regiment commander said think with your heads, because this sh*t won’t *end* soon. And don’t bother me, no one is going to rotate you. In Dobas there is a martial law imposed, while Russia is conducting a special operation. I’m thinking – how the f*ck did I get from Donbas to the special operation?

*I’m not sure what he means here, probably that there is a UAV flying above them.

24 May – Russian soldiers are not called orcs for no reason – some of them are massive fans of Lord of the Rings series.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=woman

(R): Yesterday we caught that one… caught an Ukr.

(W): Yeah? What did you do to him?

(R): A lot of interesting things…

(W): What?

(R): Now he’s… in the other world.

(W): Well, who cares, fine.

(R): I drove my hog splitter right into his heart.

(W): It’s not a vampire, Kolya, it doesn’t work that way!

(R): No, I’m telling you, I’ve got a knife, it’s sharpened on both sides, it’s a blade like one that Frodo Baggins has.

(W): Oh dear….

(R): Like Frodo Baggins’s blade. They said, alright finish with him. He – ‘No, no!’ *makes dying noises* and that’s it. I fulfilled my dream.

(W): What dream?

(R): I wanted to cut a person’s tendons and see how it crawls…



26 May – SBU received another confirmation of murders of peaceful Ukrainians by Russian occupiers.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(R): We clear basements, do you want to know how? We’re not asking who’s there, but throw greandes. F*ck, don’t give any f*cks *laughs*. Our unit is called – it’s called ‘suicide squad’.

(W): Seriously?

(R): ‘Cutthroats squad’. No f*cks given … Guys were saying, there’s another unit, they caught a woman. Cut off her tongue so she wouldn’t say anything, and f*cked her. And then killed her … I’m doing things here… I’m smashing everyone, I don’t give a single fuck. Civilians or not.

(W): I know.

(R): I cut ears, f*ck… I don’t give a f*ck, at all. I can just grab a knife and cut off ears. No f*cks given at all.

(W): Max!

(R): I don’t f*cking care. Even if it happens in Russia.


27 May – Russian soldiers leave their units in droves. This is confirmed in an intercepted call where a Russian soldier says how as soon as it’s someone’s time to leave after their contract ends, 8-10 people will join them in the truck.

(R)=Russian soldier

(R):Yes, I think till the rest of May, and then they’ll be withdrawing us gradually… since everyone’s leaving, just like that. Just taking leaving, those who cannot be here anymore. And in the end if they keep holding us here, there will be no more people left in the brigade. In the brigade we have no more people already, our brigade will be disbanded, since so many people have quit. So many people. For example, one person leaves upon their contract term ending. When their contract ends and they go home, jump into a KAMAZ, and with them 8 more people jump into KAMAZ who want to quit themselves. And they just leave and quit. And it happens all the time, if there’s an opportunity, 8-10 will people leave.


29 May – Volunteers in the Russian army are waiting for the end of May to flee Ukraine asap. At the end of the month, the 90-day term of the “special operation” defined by the legislation of the RF expires. Those who came to Ukraine in Feb. have grounds to “legally” leave the service.

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man, soldier

(R1):So, how’s it going?

(R2): It’s alright… I’m so f*cking sick of it… they said basically there will be no rotation. No one wants to come and replace us, everyone’s refusing to come here.

(R1): Here in Ukraine, or specifically to you?

(R2): To Ukraine.

(R1):And did the command do an address?

(R2): Yeah, they are coming, motivating us, with any means possible… Junior school grade pupils write letters to us… saying ‘if you leave, who’s going to stay?’. They scare us that our characteristics will be spoiled in our personal files. But that hasn’t stopped anyone yet.

(R1):So you can leave?

(R2): Yes, yes, I think so.

(R1):And what are you thinking?

(R2): What am I thinking?.. I’ll probably sit it out until the 3-month mark, and then need to get out somehow, I’ll be looking for something in the civilian life… The army is not the end of the world, is it?


29 May It seems as if some Russians are starting to wake up. In this intercepted call, Russian parents are telling their kid to discharge from the war without a fear of a criminal investigation. Saving own life is more important.

(R)=Russian soldier (S)=his sister (M)=his mum

(S): Basically, this lawyer, he said you can discharge, there should be no criminal prosecution. And if they open a case or even simply invite you to an investigator, you can call him straight away. He gave his number. He is specialising in war crimes. He said if the conscription service is not finished, then they’ll most likely take you back to conscription service. And if not – you’ll just quit, there is no article, nothing. You have a full right! Without any notes in your military document … So are you going to write a report?

(R):I already have.

(S): Today?

(R):Just now.

(S): Well done! (mother takes the phone) (M): If you decide to discharge, to refuse, then do it. Every person has a right for life and health … Antoha, the main thing is to survive. You have one goal! So many young people die. The USA are saying – 21 thousand of Russians died. Ukraine says 24 thousand. But ours are saying – 1,200! Imagine! And who will be… it’s the ages between 18 and 25. Who will be earning our pensions?! No one! Pensions will be cancelled. It’s terrible. People are talking, they say this will go for a while, for 10-15 years. By the time they deal with this special operation… when it ends – no one f*cking knows. Then, until they build it all back, it will be at our own expense.


(M): Holidays – every day on the TV there’s some sh*t. Ulan-Ude marks 99 years – a huge concert. Who the f*ck cares that every day the bury the boys in Buryatiya? The boys from Ukraine.


(M): There should be mourning. They only drive around in cars with these symbols supporting our forces. F*cking patriots. They started teaching children patriotism. On TV, these political shows are on every channel. They are bullsh*tting, and bullsh*tting, and bullsh*tting. So many people! But zero truth.

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