New details emerged of the Kransyi Luch ammo stockpile attack.

Posted on 19 June 2022



Russian blogger Murz posts a follow-up to the Krasnyi Luch ammo stockpile attack messages shared on 16 June. 

As he claims, the majority of the ammunition was concentrated in one location in the warehouse which lead to a huge detonation. He also believe the attack was carried out with Tochka-U rather than Su-25 airplanes:


Some new details emerged regarding the Krasnyi Luch:

  1. This used to be an ammunition stockpile of the 2nd Army Corps. With the start of the SMO, it seems, they arranged there a stockpile for the entire ammunitions delivered to the Krasnyi Luch railways station from the Russian Federation. Some bits that got scattered around the area can be identified as unguided aviation rockets, and judging from the colour of the smoke plume during the fire some particularly enlightened individuals believe the anti-aircraft missiles were also there.
  2. The story that the detonation started after a Su-25 attack can be explained by the fact that in this area lies the route for approach of the Russian Su-25s. It’s just a coincidence.
  3. Air defence at the time of the attack on the warehouse was functioning, witnesses saw a double launch of the anti-aircraft missiles. But it’s well known now that the Ukrainians prefer using “Tockha”s in volley of 3 and 4.
  4. The power of the first detonation was as such that people are inclined to believe that the vast majority of the imported ammunition was simply piled up in one place despite the fact that the plant’s territory is massive. It could have been distributed in such a way as to avoid Hiroshima in case of an arrival. Part of the people of course believe this was a betrayal/sabotage. I believe they simply didn’t see much sense in moving stuff around given the lack of manpower, vehicles and logistics.
  5. Obviously, the second target for the “Tochka”s was the railway station itself, full of trains with ammo. After the warehouse strike, the trains with which the station was packed were being pulled apart by diesel locos with incredible speed.

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