“LPR” volunteer Murz: “Shop drivers are afraid of driving, enlistment officers catch everyone.”

Posted on 13 August 2022



The “LPR” blogger and volunteer Murz in his latest post describes the shocking manner in which the Russian propagandists are slamming the “forced mobilisation” in Ukraine, meanwhile in the Donbas shops lack basic products due to the delivery drivers being afraid to drive.

Murz predicts mutiny in Russia as a result of this blatant mismanagement of resources by leadership and their inability to leave the fantasy world:

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad…


Tonight, a civilian colleague, a telecommunications worker, a local, a Donbassian, in the process of discussing the next round of “mobilisation” in the LPR, showed me a video which the locals are laughing their as*es about in their group somewhere on social networks.


In short, it’s in the Solovyov’s studio, and there, some accuser of the recently-respected-partners, and now of the criminal Nazi regime, yells with good obscenity that in Ukraine the military are scouring the cities and towns in search of men of draft age, catching them, and forcibly dragging them to the enlistment offices and all that. They give you a machine gun, camouflage, and you become cannon fodder for the front. Such monsters. According to all international laws, forced mobilisation is a crime. “Bastards! Nazis!” And so on.


And we discussed with him, yes, latest round-ups of locals by the Luhansk enlistment offices, carried out by military commissars in search of at least some recruits for the LPR army. In the exact same way. Including the already widely known case of the forced drafting of an ambulance driver into the army, as a result of which some kind of investigation seemed to have even begun.


Once a week you get to the store for shopping, you ask the cashiers – when will this, and this, and this arrive?


The cashiers say: “We don’t know. There are no deliveries. Drivers are afraid of driving, they catch everyone.”


I once again thought about the fact that a significant part of the Russian society, including a significant part of the Russian leadership, lives in an alternative reality and no blatant facts will force it to move into the true reality.


Everything that the Russian leadership does in terms of directing military operations and their comprehensive support serves to prolong the war, misuse human and material resources and, as a result, lead to emergence of mass discontent and a social explosion that can bury Russian statehood.


An absolute copy of the sliding of tsarist Russia into 1917, easily predictable even at the time of the formation of the general mental aspiration of our elite for the “holy 1990s”, “holy 1913”.


It is not difficult to predict the further “Fate of the Intelligentsia”.


“I am a monarchist by my convictions. But at the moment Bolsheviks are needed here.” (c) you know who

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