“LPR” volunteer dismisses “Republic’s” commissariat claim about forced mobilisation

Posted on 22 August 2022



The so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” military command released a video recently, stating that claims about the forced mobilisation in the Donbass fake republics are “staged” and “falsified”. The “deputy commissar” explains that all servicemen are provided with everything necessary, including monetary allowance of 176,000 rubles ($3000) for privates, and more for higher ranks. You can watch the original video with English captions on our YouTube channel:

In a convenient manner, the “LPR” volunteer Murz released a message in his LiveJournal account dismissing this claim as false, saying that privates are getting one hundred thousand rubles less than promised, and all the money goes to pay off debs to shops, car services, and to purchase essential combat equipment that is not provided by the state:

Now several Luhansk servicemen have already sent me a link to this speech by the deputy military commissar of the LPR. I will not bring up their comments as part of the stated attempt to reduce my use of profanities in this LiveJournal.


In short, the leadership, at least the military leadership of the LPR, apparently decided to move to an alternative reality, where the commandants do not search the private sector and markets in the cities of the LPR for non-mobilised men, where everyone went to fight voluntarily and where “payment starts from 176,000 rubles for privates”.


The speech came in very handy, because it was on the day of its publication that the personnel of the People’s Militia of the LPR received monetary allowance and, of course, the “privates” did not receive any HUNDRED seventy-six thousand rubles. We received the old one, without the HUNDRED. The money was given to wives and families, to pay off debts in frontline shops, pay off debts in car services, where their rattles were repaired at their own expense (because there are either no state-owned ones at all, or there are no spare parts for them, and if there are, they were bought for their own money), chipped in for general purchases of things that they are not supplied with, and, well, traditionally left some for smokes and tea.


Is it necessary to say that the first part of the speech about the “voluntariness” of the draft has the same relation to reality as the conversation about 176 thousand rubles for an ordinary soldier?


The solution when faced with problems (namely, with the fact that a significant part of the mobilised people were stupidly killed in the spring, and now there is no one to replenish the troops, there is no one else to forcibly draft, and voluntarily no one wants to “be meat” for any money. And they aren’t given any money either, apparently, someone took that hundred thousand per person to use for a couple of months or half a year, since not all colonels in Moscow still have their own apartment for storing money, not all), this is the solution to move to an alternative reality, where everything is fine and great, it is of course familiar, and has been tested already many times.


But every time in history it ended the same, unfortunately.


Reality, a cynical b1tch, dealt a sneaky blow at the most unfortunate moment.

We can observe that comments from the volunteers fighting in the Donbass with time become more radical despite danger that comes from the Russian security services. In case of Murz, the police visited his property in Moscow a few months ago as a way to scare the man from expressing his opinion.

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