LPR Blogger Murz on Stakhanov ammunitions depot explosions

Posted on 09 July 2022



LPR blogger and volunteer Murz talks about ammunition depot explosions in Stakhanov, recaps Kremlin’s “moronic” strategy in the SMO in his latest livejournal post.

I have not yet seen on the internet where it exactly it happened, but apparently in Stakhanov last night the UAF shelled another RF AF artillery ammunition depot. Which one is it? Sixth or seventh after Krasnyi Luch? As it started exploding at 2am, it kept exploding until it all exploded by 4am.


With glow and all other delights.


What can be said? Let’s briefly summarise the logic of the top leadership of RF AF.


February – March


While having an overwhelming superiority over the enemy in modern armoured vehicles, drive as many of these vehicles and special equipment into the depth of enemy positions without any support by combat-ready and motivated motorised infantry. Move back and forth the unprotected rear columns and lose them. Lose in the end as destroyed and abandoned the overwhelming majority of modern T-72 and T-90 models, lose a large part of BMP-3 fleet. As a result of all this, lose capability to lead massive operations at great depths. Drag out the war.


April – June


While killing battalions of “PMCs”, “barsiks”, “Akhmatoks” *Kadyrov’s troops”, and of course Luhansk and Donetsk people, slowly and painfully realise that it is necessary to establish coordination between infantry and artillery, invent from scratch all the bicycles of the First and the Second World Wars on this topic. Start slowly and painfully, with insane casualties, to win the war, at least this way.


June – July


Despite the absence of any military secrecy around supplies to Ukraine of modern long-range artillery and MLRS, continue concentrating artillery ammunitions at large and unfit for purpose industrial facilities in the range of reach by the enemy rockets and artillery. Lose one by one all the depots. As a result, lose the ability to properly advance at least the way they were advancing before. Create out of nowhere a wild “shell hunger” in conditions where the enemy has received and trained on those new artillery systems and MLRS.




I know that our army is lead by a bunch of untrained morons. Stupidly vile, miserable, vindicative, petty, thieving, herdish, getting together as big “army mafias”, bringing “tithe” from their incomes to the very top. Simply dumb and stupid thieves. Just as the civilian authority. No much difference.


And the morons themselves start figuring it out. The fact that they are morons. And of course that they were after all stealing from themselves. Stealing own future.


But no one can be convinced that there is no direct telegraph from Tsarskoe Selo to Kaiser Wilhelm, using which Rasputin reports to Kaiser about the whole situation and sends fresh operative maps.


No one can be convinced. There isn’t such a number of fools who’d believe this, and there will be no time or capability to realise it through practical experience.


Wonderful, living historical anecdote. If I didn’t live in all of this, I wouldn’t believe it even if I was told. An obvious showing of how insignificant was contribution of the Bolsheviks to the success of the Revolution compared to the input of the tsarist government.


Nikolai II and his ministers and generals as the basis of February first, and then October.


Better than any textbook.


Go outside and listen all night. It is still exploding periodically.


Do seashells wish evil to a ship, woodworms to a tree, tapeworms to a bull? They just take care of themselves and their offspring, but one great day the ship sinks, the oak falls, the bull dies, and we start looking for a horrific conspiracy.

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