LPR Blogger Murz on Ammunition Stockpile Explosions

Posted on 06 July 2022



As part of a longer, a little bit all-over-the-place text raging about recent Azov exchanges, the LPR blogger Murz who has now become quite famous for his “defeatist” speeches goes over the Russian military command, slamming their approach to ammunition stockpiling…

…Already now insider legends are being invented and spread that we don’t want to win this war quickly. As if it’s all great. The longer the army fights, the better financing it will be getting, and in general we have “queues at the enlistment offices”…


Even if someone in Russia in a patriotic impulse goes to take a queue at the enlistment office, there will be no point in that.


Do you know why?


They did it. You won’t believe it, but they did it. It was hard, but you are amazing leaders after all, I’m impressed by you, Russian highest military and civilian command. This was so difficult – to recreate the situation close to 1913, but you prayed for the “sacred 1913”, you worked for it tirelessly, and you got it. You were saying in 2005 that ahead of us are rallies with thousands of people with blurred boundaries of political beliefs of the participants, who will all want one thing – to imprison the state thieves. You did not believe, you laughed. You got yourself a copy of 1913 with all kinds of social tensions, but with the TSAR, yes.


And here our military command took up the challenge. Our military can’t be satisfied with a second place at the mental disability contest. They took up the challenge, and they DID IT. They achieved the shell hunger. It’s impossible, unbelievable, but these fantastic people did the impossible – they f*cked up everything.


In Krasyni Luch, there are two large groups of warehouses, the “dynamite warehouse” and the warehouse for the pyrotechnic plant in Petrovskoye – two places specifically designed for storing explosives, with all the safety measures. All artillery ammunitions brought into the city were put into one convenient pile, close to the railway station. And everything went up in the air from one hit, destroying nearby streets. At least you managed to pull trains away from the station.


And next on the list are Snezhnoye and other less known places, and the many hours of explosions I’ve heard with my own ears. Now it is not the Ukrainian army that has the shell hunger, which was predicted by media-prostitute Shurygyn, but now we have shell hunger. It’s a second one – we just switched from the deficit 122mm to 152mm caliber, and now again.


You won’t convince your soldiers that you are such idiots. That you are such idiots that you believed our idiotic propaganda that UAF has no rockets left to reach the warehouse. Such idiots that you decided “Well, they won’t do that again, probably” and continued piling the ammunitions.


“Betrayal of the generals” – it is not another rumour “out of many”, it’s a fact of the societal opinion. The most dangerous opinion, opinion of the people who are fighting this war with weapons in their arms. Opinion of the same people to whom the “advisors” sent from Russia during the Minsk agreements were telling that “I have an acquaintance serving there, I believe him like myself, he wrote to me that it’s you starting it all first!”.


And for those who are once again outraged about the exchange of “Azovtsi”, I have very bad news for you. You, citizens, are crying about the wrong thing. It’s not the exchangers who are crap, but the whole state machine is crap, it doesn’t understand what it got into, and it doesn’t want to understand it. And for Russia and Russians in the end to survive, a generation of Russian men will have to not part with an assault rifle, a helmet and armour for many years.

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