Keep Calm and Bonk On | WarTranslated fundraiser for the Ukrainian warriors in Bakhmut and Mar’inka

Posted on 11 January 2023



Keep Calm and Bonk On Fundraiser for the Ukrainian Warriors

Dear friends, followers, and NAFO fellas! The team at WarTranslated has a special request for you as we are raising funds to help the courageous souls defending their homeland from a genocidal invasion.

We teamed up with the 69th Sniffing Brigade to raise funds for the purchase of 1) two off-roaders and 2) equipment for units of two Ukrainian brigades currently repelling the orc invader aggression in Bakhmut and Mar’inka. You can find out more about each unit and watch their requests below.

The total amount we are looking to raise is EUR 32,370. These two vehicles and equipment will form part of a larger convoy of 10-15 cars that will depart from Estonia to Kyiv in early February 2023.

Donate here:


To raise the funds, we are releasing a limited collection of two exclusive, rare, and never-coming-back NAFO patches:

1) “Save Private Raccoon” 

2) “Keep Calm and Bonk On @wartranslated”.

Just how good do these look?! 🥵

We will be offering these patches in accordance with the following donation levels:

  • EUR 100 and more: 1 patch
  • EUR 200 and more: 2 patches
  • EUR 1000 and more: 2 patches + your text on the vehicle (max 3-4 short words, max 30 characters). 

What message would you put on a vehicle that will see combat and will be driven by the badass Ukrainians?!

How to donate?

Please find the following information to send your donations to:

Who is getting the NAFO support?

Let’s cover who is getting the support in more detail. As mentioned, these are two units belonging to two Brigades fighting in Eastern Ukraine. 

1) 21st battalion, 105th Brigade, SOF 

Request from the 21st battalion of the 105th brigade

Our boys in Bakhmut are literally surviving every day in what is perhaps the worst place on Earth to be right now. The most pressing issue for them is transportation – their vehicles are often in disrepair and require to be replaced. Cars get damaged when our fellas have to move around quickly, reaching the frontline and jumping out of moving cars into their trenches. We intend to bring them a €13,000 2009 Toyota Hilux pickup truck. You can see what has happened to their previous vehicle here: 

Another issue the defenders of the Western world are facing every day is the relentless artillery shelling. We’ve heard from Igor from the 21st Battalion on numerous occasions, and we know that he was shell-shocked after a shell landed just 5 meters away from him. Luckily, he survived but ended up concussed and disoriented. We would like to help his unit of 10 people by raising funds to purchase 10 Sordin Supreme Pro X Led dynamic headphones worth €212 each. These will greatly help to withstand the continuous shelling. The total for the purchase of 10 headphones is therefore €2120.

There is also an important question of identifying enemy positions. As the enemy is often just 50-300 meters away, it is practically impossible to peek out of the trenches and observe the situation. On one occasion, brave men of the 21st Battalion were under heavy machine gun fire and had to sit out for hours unable to understand where the fire was coming from. To solve this, we would like to provide them with a super-duper 28x Zoom Mavic-3 Drone Fly More Combo worth €2150. One of the Brigade members will serve as a pilot to coordinate the rest of the fighters. The drone will be a lifesaver for them.

Finally, there’s an issue of communication. We’d like to try and equip the unit with some additional portable radios (walkie-talkies) to ensure better communication. The aim is to hand one radio to the drone operator and split two more between the guys taking shifts in the trenches. One of the main advantages of the radio is that it can be attached to the headphones, making squad comms quicker and improving the performance of the unit in combat. We are looking to get 3x MOTOROLA DP4400E MOTOTRBO RADIO VHF stations worth €700 for a total of €2100.

2) Airborne 2nd Battalion, 79th Brigade 

For the 2nd Battalion of the 79th Brigade, we are hoping to raise funds for a purchase of a 2010 Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck worth €13,000. The truck will be exceptionally useful to the brave signalmen of the 78th Air Assault Brigade. They are located in Mar’inka, which saw fierce battles in recent weeks and months as invaders continue their onslaught. Unfortunately, their previous vehicle became unusable.

So, what is there not to like?

By taking part in our fundraiser, you get to have direct input into defending the Free World from the encroachment of an authoritarian genocidal regime, and you get an exclusive NAFO badge that will look the part in your new or ever-expanding collection. 

Donate to the fundraiser now!

NAFO Freedom Convoys 

The 69th Sniffing Brigade which fights as part of the wider NAFO forces has delivered over 120 cars to the defenders of Ukraine and the Western world in the past 10 months. They raise private and public funds to purchase off-road vehicles in Europe, and deliver them directly in convoys to the units engaged in combat in Ukraine. In recent months, their focus has been on providing transport to units fighting in the Battle of Donbas. 

It’s not easy to express what it feels like to be a part of the convoy – you have to be there yourself. However, we made this video of us delivering 11 cars in late November 2022, so you could get an idea: 

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