Intercepted Calls: Week of 29 Aug – 4 Sep

Posted on 03 September 2022



Below is a collection of translated intercepted calls published by GUR this week. You can both watch the videos with subtitles and read the transcripts.

“A guy’s liver got shot, the main died in the mud”.

A Russian soldier in Kharkiv Oblast is telling about a situation where another Russian soldier was shot and killed by their own guys due to a lack of night vision. He also tells about conflicts with other officers.

(R)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man 2


(R): Where are you then?!


(R2): F*ck, where, where, behind Izyum, Kamyschevaha. Yesterday I didn’t speak while next to the captain, we had a bit of an argument. He was sitting next to me, f*cking f*ggot. We have no cover, nothing. They can’t withdraw us. Commandants are saying “F*ck you, go fight”. F*ck, “we have 60 tanks here, infantry, artillery is working all day”. Where is it working? F*ck knows. At any possible opportunity it’s better to f*ck off to home, f*ck, and come back alive. […] Today the captain made [a show], like “You are not needed to us”. A situation happened with ours, I thought “Holy f*ck, you call that a situation, a guy’s liver got shot the man died in the mud”. What a f*cking “situation”. One shot the other. Can’t f*cking see sh*t at night, we are sitting without night vision. And the captain has three… anyway, f*cking devils.


(R): Finish them off.


(R2): Our own commanders need to get kicking too, yesterday I had an argument with senior lieutenant, every day, he’s walking around drunk, telling tales how cool he is, how he was shelled and he didn’t p*ssy out! Better f*ck him up and leave. Tanks, tanks, but there’s nothing to advance with…

“I will be writing to the military prosecution”

The mother of a Russian serviceman tells him that she intends to write to the military prosecutor’s office regarding her son’s fate, hoping to get him out asap.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): Why are you calling?


(R): I’m saying we’re walking around the village. Marauding. 


(W): Right. I will need your contract number, company number, platoon number. Who is attached to your unit. Which forces are you serving in. I found the unit’s commander. Can you call tomorrow? I will be writing a statement tomorrow, I will go to Ponomar’ on Monday, I will be forwarding a complaint to the military prosecution. I will be writing to the Soldier Mothers’ committee. Then I’ll write to Mal’kov regarding human rights. Everywhere. Call tomorrow during the day, okay?


(R): Ok, yeah, we’ll see.

“They now reached the Crimea, bombing it really f*cking hard”

Wife of a Russian serviceman tells about AFU strikes on facilities on the territory of Crimea.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): They now reached the Crimea.


(R): What’s up?


(W): Again. Nikoforova was yesterday messaging with her girl friend, from Crimea. She said they are being bombed, really f*cking hard.


(R): Yeah?


(W): Mhm. I thought about everything like 15 times. I’m drinking beer, it’s not helping. Cried all eyes out. She said – “why are you going crazy?”. I said – how can I not? She said – “my man wasn’t getting in touch”. I said – but mine does, every day. I know how he is.

“Officers are laying down weapons”

Russian serviceman tells his wife about plans of his comrades to lay down weapons. No other details provided.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(R): Our infantry on the 15th, the officers and those on contracts are planning to go to Zavatsky and lay down weapons. They’ll refuse to continue fighting.


(W): And what’s going to happen to them?


(R): Nothing will happen to them. If all the infantry does that, then no one would care.


(W): By the way, the girl at mum’s work, her husband is serving in Baltiysk. And so she said that in Baltiysk they’ve now recruited people and will be sending soon?

“We can’t advance on our tin cans”

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(R): They’re saying here, the guys who are coming back, both say they aren’t allowed on leave, but the commanader promises that [we] will be withdrawn in September. Withdrawn and then f*cking brought back again in January.


(W): When are you going to finish off these f*cking jackals, these scumbags. I’ve got no words for them anymore, f*cking f*ggots.


(R): Well yeah, it’s just we don’t have energy anymore, we do have energy but f*ck, we would have knocked them out ages ago, but you see we have no f*cking vehicles, and we can’t go on our tin cans, or we’ll be f*cking pierced through. We need to break through on heavy vehicles, but the heavy vehicles have all been f*cked now.

“No water, no food left”.

This intercepted call published by GUR reveals discussion between two Russian soldiers in Kharkiv Oblast who have been surrounded, and discussing a defeat of a 7th company, but no more details were provided.

(R)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man 2


(R): Is everything fine?


(R2): Everything is f*cked.


(R): They say you are encircled.


(R2): Yeah. That’s true.


(R): Well, will they get you out?


(R2): F*ck, they’re trying. We’ve got nothing left now, no water, no food. Nearly no comms either. So that’s how it is.


(R): They are advancing on you and f*cking you up, right?


(R2): Well, today nothing yet, but they’re all around us, everywhere.


(R): They say the 7th company was all completely f*cked.


(R2): Yes. No one left [alive] at all I think. Today one lad called me, he said he spoke to someone, said “The 7th company was f*cked, and medics were f*cked, the battalion commander f*cked off”. And I… f*ck knows, they’re not saying anything.

“It broke in half and fell into the river”

“It broke in half and fell into the river” says the Russian soldier stuck in Kherson about Antonovsky in a phone call with his wife, intercepted by GUR.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(R): Look, yesterday there was a meeting, are the women writing anything?


(W): They are, well, generally, can’t say they write much, they say that… there will be no rotation, because the RF Armed Forces are not rotated by law, only Rosgvardia is rotated. All the servicemen are there. Then they said that a lot of guys go on leave, as if your command agreed to let them go on leave in turns, but she said many, well, not many, but there are guys who do not come back after coming here. Then they are spoken with individually, and if they don’t go back then they are discharged. This is what the girl wrote yesterday.


(R): All the bridges are f*cked, all of them. You can’t get in or out.


(W): Yes, yes.


(R): And they’re thinking of something, all the leaves have been cancelled, there is zero movement, this is it.


(W): Well, they said that one bridge, well one that starts with A, I don’t know if you know it, I won’t be saying, just in case.


(R): Yes, the one that was all completely f*cked.


(W): Yes, yes, but it is apparently restored, patched up…


(R): It’s not f*cking restored, it broke in half and fell into the river, for f*cks sake.

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