Intercepted Call: Wife of a “L/DPR” soldier tells the latest world news

Posted on 11 August 2022



Information-deprived “L/DPR” soldier is asking his wife about the latest news. She tells him about the Crimea attack, bringing up a point the explosion was timed too well to be a coincidence. The man responds by saying the air defence can’t do anything about this and suggests taking out satellites.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman 


(R): What else on the news? What’s going on in the world?!


(W): Ha-ha-ha-ha… the world… f*ck knows, I’ve not read them recently, no time. Well, Crimea was hit. You heard?


(R): Yeah. They say it’s not accurate information.


(W): Well, I don’t know. The military airport… Officially they are saying that some ammunitions detonated. Yes. It’s an airbase storage. But… what truly happened?… It detonated with good timing. They say nine people casualties. One was killed. So… People are slagging Russia off. Embarrassed [themselves] in front of the whole world. Waiting for [missile] to arrive at the Red Square, Moscow. And so on… All in all, no more of the same adoration that was before.


(R): Yep.


(W): Bummed out properly.


(R): Our boys talking about this as well. That the Russians are being owned. And can’t even snap back.


(W): And that even Crimea sees arrivals. And where are your responses, where is the air defence? If even Crimea can’t be protected, these air defences, no one’s gonna be buying them. “Use them yourself”.


(R): It’s a bit different, it’s the Americans detecting where these air defences are located, and looking for ways to strike in such way to evade the air defence. Roughly speaking, they fire not where air defence is, but where it isn’t.


(W): Mhm…


(R): If so. Then the satellites need to be knocked out over Ukraine. So they’d go blind. If they can’t do anything…

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