Intercepted Call: “What “strong” Russian army?! It’s a f*cking SHAM army!”

Posted on 04 June 2022



The Russian invader is losing it while speaking on the phone with his mother. This intercepted conversation was provided by Ukrainian GUR intelligence service. Highly suggest listening to the audio to get an idea of the tone. 

The Russian soldier is evidently desperate to get home – but to no avail. Attempting to go the legal way and discharge via breaking the contract doesn’t seem to always work – the ‘refusniks’ are kept in schools while caring officers tell them how much of scumbags and traitors they are for trying to quit. The only real way to escape is to somehow get to Russia and write a report from there – which is nearly impossible since the border between Ukraine and Russia is secured by FSB officers examining every single car to ensure no “runners” could cross.

Add to that delays in payment, and the Russian soldier cannot hide his emotions anymore. Scroll down to find the original video and the translated transcript right beneath it.

(R)=Russian soldier (M)=His mother

(R): Hi mom. How’s it going?


(M): Alright. What about you?


(R): It’s f*cked! It’s really, really f*cked!


(M): Eh?


(R): There will be no withdrawal, since there is no such directive that the special f*cking operation will last for 90 days. They said up to A YEAR they can keep us here! F*ck, discharging from here is completely pointless! Here some people wrote reports – they took their weapons, they are now sitting in a school for four days! Just sitting! They are being told how much of f***ots they are, traitors, worse than sh*t-eaters! You’re not men, you’re women!  And they are sitting there listing to it all, with a hope to be discharged! F*ck no! Until you get to Russia – no f*cking way you can get discharged! AT ALL! But how can you even get to Russia? FSB at the border, they are checking every single car, every tiny bolt, just in case a runner is hiding there! But the only way is to get there, give up all this sh*t *weapons* and write a report where they couldn’t refuse anymore, only through a court with me. I have no f*cking clue how to get out of here! I have no f*cking ideas! To survive here for a week, you can start a f*cking celebration! F*ck, how sick I am of this f*cking army and this f*cking state! F*ck, it would be better if they attacked us!


(M): What is there to do?


(R): Ring the f*cking soldier mothers committee, f*ck the military prosecution! Tell them – “F*ck, I’m separating, I’m a sick woman, I have one son, bring him back home!” Google: Voronezh, Boguchary, prosecution, commandant’s office…


(M): I spoke to that one, he said – “we are not keeping any there forcibly, he can break the contract any time!”


(R): Yes, yes! Of course! No one is kept here forcibly! “…” Tomorrow we’ll be going to write the refusal reports. I’ll stay there. At least it’s safer there. I’m going to write: “I f*cked this army in the mouth together with this country! I won’t be serving this f*cking dump”. F*ck, I’m gonna go to a court with them, these b*tches are not paying me anything. In those three months I should have had 600-700 thousand *rubles*, and what do I have? 300 thousand! They give ZERO f*cks about me. 


(M): Why is…by the way.. why is nothing *the operation* coming to an end?


(R): It’s because we can’t even advance one bit! Our army – sucks! Frankly – it sucks! We have no one, no one to advance, do you understand? Eight people to take a village! Eight, mom!!! Against them – 500 people entrenched in concrete! And they have eight people without any support at all! What is there to say?! What “strong” Russian army?! It’s a f*cking SHAM army!


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