Intercepted Call: “We’re shooting blind, we don’t even know what our targets or anything”

Posted on 15 July 2022



“He’s a vegetable”, the Russian invader tells his mother about his battalion commander. “He’s done”. In the latest call intercepted and published by the Ukrainian GUR, the Russian soldier discusses with his family a number of topics. His mother seems to be aware of how the things really were back at the start of the war, with enormous casualties and disorder, and is wondering if it’s starting again. “It never ended”, says the son. Another woman, likely a member of their family, is also on the call, and is no less shocked.

He wants out, but knows that if he leaves then his name will be shamed for a long time. So he has to stay despite what he and his family want.

(R)=Russian man (W1)=Woman 1 (W2)=Woman 2



(R): We’re shooting blind, we don’t even know what our targets or anything.


(W1): This is terrible.


(W2): Horror!


(W1): What if your own people are there?


(R): Well, then they are there.


(W1): How terrible. Is this thing starting again *like it was before*?!


(R): It never ended.


(W1): How terrible. Scumbags! No one needs anything. Dumped, abandoned to the mercy of fate.


(W2): And on the news they’re saying that we have such leadership, such commanders, that we are so clever, that Ukraine will be knocked out! Scum!


(R): Yeah… though we’ve been standing in one place for 2 months. 


(W1): Son, it’s better to stay in one place, than going there. To the swamp with all of them.


(R): Nah, we must move forward.


(W1): Listen! How is your battalion commander?


(R): He’s a vegetable, he’d done.


(W1): Like, completely? Yes?


(R): For one and half months, half of his brain didn’t work, and half of the body. Recovered now, but he isn’t recognising anyone. He’s done, a vegetable.


(W1): Natashka said… her Ilya is currently in the unit… she said that 13 people from Tambov have died. They are still with you in your direction, aren’t they?


(R): Yes.


(W1): So yeah, 13 people are gone.


(R): We have around 200 *gone*. […] The wounded are dumped here, they are not needed by anyone, they die in the fields. Since no one’s picking them up.


(W1): Any reasonable person would try and get out at the first available opportunity! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! It’s normal!


(R): Yeah… It’s a shame!


(W1): You were with your family, with your mother, why?!


(R): When they put a red stamp… when they put a red stamp that you refused to participate in the special operation, it’s a shame. A shame for whole life.

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