Intercepted Call: “We have less than a hundred people left here”

Posted on 08 June 2022



In an intercepted telephone conversation between the occupier and his wife, the Russian invaders says that their brigade does not want to “go further” due to distrust of the command and heavy losses. There are perhaps a few dozen staff personnel left – others either killed or wounded. Also, a large number of people return to Russia and write reports to be released: “We have less than 100 people left.”

The Russian complains about poor supplies: “Everything is going to shit. We have no night vision, no thermal imaging”. The wife offers her husband to find a way to return home. For example, some “smart” soldiers literally twisted their ankles to be sent home.

Source video can be found right under the transcript.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman (wife)


(R): We would go further, it’s just that our command is not particularly likeable…


(W): Maybe better not risk it then?


(R): Brigade commander says that no staff personnel remains, and the brigade had… how many? 1,500 people. Of the staff personnel, maybe a few dozens remain.


(W): How come? Where did they go? Are they all gone, or what?


(R): Yes, 200s, 300s…


(W): Oh dear!…


(R): Well, some refused…


(W): Did they go home?


(R): They went back… to write reports.


(W): Maybe you should go too?


(R): I don’t know, like I’m saying, we have less than a hundred people left here…


(W): Oh dear… “…” So what are you thinking, do you want go further or what?


(R): Keep going or leave with shame… I don’t know.


(W): To hell with this, if the command is terrible then why go? What’s the point risking if objectively things aren’t good, then it’s better to not go. Do you have any opportunity to stay at your position or something?


(R): I don’t know, probably not, either forward or…


(W): So you can’t? I mean you said there was someone who stay without going forward.


(R): I don’t know, we haven’t discussed it yet.


(W): It’s just that I’m watching the news and nothing positive is being predicted for the future.


(R): Perhaps… I don’t know, I haven’t watched the news for a while. Many of ours are running away, no one wants to go.


(W): Obviously!


(R): Of course, if only everything was decent… but no, the command is crap, everything going to shit.


(W): Right, right…


(R): No supplies…


(W): Is supplying bad also?


(R): Well, everything’s old, we don’t even have night vision. No thermal imaging, no night vision.


(W): Where are you going to go then? Refuse, to hell with this.


(R): We’ll see.


(W): What is there to see? How are you going to go if you’ve got nothing?


(R): It’s fine during the day, but at night…


(W): So what at night? Screw this, don’t go. Those who are smart have already “twisted their ankles” and went home. Why aren’t you being smart?


(R): Eh, we’ll see, we’ll think.

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