Intercepted Call: “We have around 150 refuseniks. No one has a right to judge them”

Posted on 14 June 2022



In the latest call intercepted by Ukrainian GUR intelligence service, the Russian officer belonging to the 64th separate motorised rifle brigade (one responsible for Bucha massacre) is discussing with a regular soldier a range of topics from Shoygu’s position in the army to the payment the Russian soldiers are receiving. As always, it wouldn’t be a call with two Russians without some “refuseniks” (i.e. people who refused to go into attacks, and leave their ranks).


(O)=Russian officer (R)=Russian solider



(R): Good afternoon, comrade… how are you?


(O): F*ck! Better not to say.


(R): Are you coming here? Or not yet?


(O): Yep.


(R): You coming on those vehicles? The BVM’s?


(O): Four BVM’s and six BV’s.


(R): “…” We’ve had some news flash that Shoygu was removed from office, yes? Have you heard about that?


(O): Don’t think so? He was recently awarding Omurbekov (head of 64th motorised rifle brigade) with a medal “Zvezda”.


(R): Are we being deliberately misinformed or something?.. “…” What I wanted to ask is, what’s going on with the money?


(O): The good news for you is that from yesterday, you’ll be getting 8,500 rubles every day, instead of dollars.


(R): 8,500 a day?


(O): Yes, yes, so in a month it will be 250,000, plus two salaries.


(R): Holy f*ck! That’s f*cking awesome. Is this confirmed?


(O): Putin signed the order on Sunday.


(R): F*cking awesome. We have a f*ckton of refuseniks!


(O): I’ve no idea where to get 366 people…


(R): Is it all empty?


(O): Yes! We have.. around 150 people refuseniks. All who come back from there, no one even has a right to judge them. Who would want to go to this hell a second time?

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