Intercepted Call: “We have a loaded machine gun, I’ll go out on the road and start pouring *bullets* if you try to get out”

Posted on 22 June 2022



Two Russian invaders from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea are discussing the situation in their units, as well as ways of getting out. Extreme danger from constant shelling from both sides, friendly fire and low pay make it hard for Russians to stay motivated.


(R1)=Russian soldier (R2)=Russian solider 2


(R1): How are you there? Still alive?


(R2): Still alive! What could happen?


(female voice nearby) We are left for dessert! (Crimea)




(R2): How much longer can you be there?


(R1): It’s so f*cked up, Dima, you can’t f*cking imagine! To live for this long in the ground, I’m f*cking shocked. It’s one thing when it’s quiet… But when these f***ots start shelling, it’s all flying over your head and dropping 200 meters away from you, you’re like – “this sucks!”. Then you climb out and your own start shelling, and shells also dropping 200 meters away from you. You shout at them on the radio – “Are you f*cking mad?!”. And they say – “It’s impossible! We cannot be firing this close!”.


(R2): Ah yeah, the boys were joking that some of ours f*cked each other up in some rumble recently.


(R1): Yes! Two different battalions were entering, one from one side of the forest, second from the other, in the evening, without any comms! They shredded each other, f*cking retards! This is bullsh*t. This Russian Army surprises me. The boys will be going now “on a medical leave”, with whatever health issues they have. But I have no f*cking idea what issues do I have!


(R2): Gotta find at least something to f*ck off of there as quickly as possible!


(R1): F*ck knows! Maybe some time I need to go and do the ECG, my heart is not good. Maybe the ECG would show something.


(R2): Yes! My nephew is a f*cking conscript, he’s sitting somewhere and no one f*cking knows where he is! A conscript!


(R1): You know, Dimon, how many like that we have here? As soon as they sign a contract, a month or two passes, they’re sent here, and they’re sitting here with square eyes. […] F*ck this mortar of ours is pissing me off! […] There’s a village in front of us, they’ve been shelling it all day long! There are like three people living in it, the village is being wiped off the face of earth.


(R2): Go for it! Do some ECGs and get the f*ck out of there! Enough!


(R1): Yeah. Our commander, who is “kind of” our commander, received back in March the paperwork for our withdrawal! He gives no f*cks, because if we are removed someone else needs to be brought in, otherwise everything will be razed to ground. He says: “there nobody to send here *in your place*”.


(R2): Hopefully you can get withdrawn soon!


(R1): Yes! I’m so f*cking sick of sitting here. Dima, for your understanding, we are here for 90,000 *roubles* per month. 90,000 per month! F*ck this being here for this money.


(R2): F*ck this.


(R1): The battalion is slowly crumbling, who wants leaves. The kombat *battalion commander* said we only have one road out – “We have a loaded machine gun, I’ll go out on the road and start pouring *bullets* if you try to get out”. F*ck, clusters are flying, f*ck. Ah no! It’s phosphorus, imagine! Do you know what phosphorus means? It means bad!

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