Intercepted Call: “We cannot take one village”

Posted on 24 July 2022



The Russian army in Kharkiv direction is unable to capture even one village. This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation of the invaders, which was intercepted by the SBU. The Russian soldier complains to his wife that he is unable to go into an offensive as there are few men left. Russian forces are being sent to a sure death senselessly, so whoever decided to quit doesn’t even want to come back.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman 


(W): How are things?


(R): Yesterday, one “300” *wounded* was taken away. We got our a*s kicked quite well yesterday.


(W): What about the leave?


(R): Nah, if I go *on leave*, I’m not coming back here, honey.


(W): In what sense? How can you not come back?


(R): Literally. There’s no one left, forty people are left, Lera. Forty, forty. And out of these forty, three days ago they went forward. And out of these forty, maybe about twenty people came back.


(W): And is there no end to this?


(R): We cannot… we cannot take one f*cking village. They went, got twenty people killed, a hundred wounded. We’re in f*cking awe since 23 February and still are. Everything here is so corrupt, it’s f*cked. In Izyum they boys were run to the ground so hard they’re all finished. The boys were sent to the pedestrian bridge without tanks, without APC, they were just running back and forth… they’d go, get their a*s kicked and come back. They had a nickname for that… *laughs* *unintelligible*. On the TV they are not saying anything, all is great, all is f*cking amazing… but there’s nothing amazing here.

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