Intercepted Call: “We barely made it out”

Posted on 27 June 2022



DPR soldier describes to his wife the event when his unit was surrounded and destroyed by Ukrainian forces in an unknown location, unknown time. Evidence is brought from an intercepted call provided by Ukrainian GUR.


(R)=Russsian (DPR) soldier (W)=His wife


(W): Hey. Are they shooting?


(R): Nah, but we’ve been smashed to bits…


(W): You what?


(R): We barely made it out. Of wounded and dead… there’s a f*ckload.


(W): What? And what now? Where are you?


(R): I can’t say on the phone… we moved out, waiting now. We left. Barely made it out.


(W): I had a feeling…


(R): They started in the morning, until 12 PM, f*cking f***ots… if only we had some support once. Anyway… this is the sh*t. I don’t know. Now the question will be… We all refused, no one wants to go anywhere. From mortars, from everything we were shelled as we retreated. We were told about evacuation, then simply abandoned us, and then said – “why did we leave your positions, you must come back”. F*ck you, you need it – you go back. They just… out of nowhere they entered, quietly surrounded us and f*cked us up hard. We called, asked on the radio, this and that… but they simply dumped us, f*cked us over… said – “come back, there’s no one there”. The Russians were nearby, they were running away. Our kombat, the Russian, didn’t make it. “Atlas”. Good man he was. Just celebrated his thirtieth.

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