Intercepted Call: “We aren’t getting rotation… it’s all bullcr*ap.”

Posted on 10 August 2022



A Russian soldier located in the Kherson Oblast is telling his father (?) how their unit is not getting rotated for rest. Timing of the call is unclear. What’s interesting is it appears that the soldier’s father might be a serving or retired military himself as he provides intel on other units and regiments.


(R)=Russian man (M)=Other man


(M): You’ve a really upset voice, son, hold on there, don’t lose the spirit! Everything will be smashing!


(R): From what? Honestly, we aren’t getting rotated, it’s all bullcr*p.


(M): [We] chose this f*cking profession for you foolishly, can’t get the f*ck away from it now…


(R): I mean, you know what are the thoughts I have? So it’s half a year now, and then for how long? A year? This f*cking deployment, or what?


(M): Well, what did these jackals tell you about the deployment, or are they quiet, not saying anything at all?


(R): They don’t know anything.


(M): Well, it’s just that, today I have info from the regiment specifically, that now the 247th is going to be rotated, as if the deployment will be for half a year.


(R): Mhm. And I’m like… this and that, f*ck… calling everyone…


(M): Are there many shells landing [near you]?


(R): Wouldn’t say so… It’s hard to count, let’s say.


(M): Right, I see.


(R): But it’s all day. Every 5-10 minutes.


(M): Is that artillery? Mortars? Yeah?


(R): Yes.


(M): Right. Grads, or Uragans, firing at you?


(R): Everything. I’ll tell you, even those HIMARS can be heard, in the distance.


(M): I see. Well, be careful, these f*cking HIMARS, they are really high-precision, so f*cked up. They shelled the command of the 106th division, Tula was shelled, 30th motorised brigade was f*cked over two weeks ago. I had a regiment commander in Ivanovsk, he took command of the regiment 3 days ago. A sniper took him out.


(R): Right… so nothing good at all… as always…

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