Intercepted Call: “We are the most retarded unit”

Posted on 20 June 2022



The invader soldier from Sakhalin, Russia, is surprised by the fact that he will need to spend at least two 6-month assignments in Ukraine. As usual, he wants out. Admits that his unit is far from being the most combat-ready, but rather the most “retarded” and “dumb”.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman



(R): Here’s the thing, the corps commander had the wives here, said we are here until 2024. We’ll be here for half a year, then two weeks in Russia, and then two weeks later again here for half a year.


(W): Did you just found out about it now?


(R): Yes, we were just told. Like I said, our brigade – it is… although it’s in Sakhalin, it’s the most retarded brigade.


(W): The most retarded?


(R): I mean, everyone’s here for for 4 months, then 3 months, but we are here for half a year!


(W): Right, so that means… something needs to be done.


(R): That’s why I’m saying it! Whatever the commander says I don’t believe him anymore if he didn’t help me with extension and lied to me! How can I further believe him?


(W): Right. Can I find out your unit’s number on Sakhalin, your commanders, so I could go myself there and get in touch with them?


(R): There’s no one there from commanders. They’re all here. Only the personnel department commander is there. But I need a reference, and maybe they’ll let me go.


(W): Reference? How can a reference be made? In a hospital? What kind of reference is it?


(R): I don’t know! You need to ask the company commander, he should find out.


(W): I sent him a message, I’ll call him again. […] No!!! Why is everyone being sent for 3 months, but you – for half a year, I wonder?!


(R): I don’t know, I don’t know… that’s what they said. We are all in!


(W): Are you the most… the most combat ready unit?


(R): I don’t know that… The most dumb unit!

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