Intercepted Call: “We are surrounded”.

Posted on 24 August 2022



Russian soldier calls his distressed wife on Ukraine’s Independence Day from someone else’s phone, and says he is in a dangerous position.

You can watch this video with subtitles:

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): Hello?

(R): Hello?

(W): *unintelligible*

(W): Yes.

(R): Why the f*ck are you calling? I’ll call you back myself.

(W): This phone rang me! Who’s that?!

(R): Once again, my number doesn’t exist, we’ve been… lit up… properly…

(W): And when are you going home?

(R): What?

(W): When? *breaks up*

(R): What?!

(W): When home?!

(R): F*ck, no connection, I can’t f*cking hear you.

(W): When home?!

(R): F*ck knows, it’s all locked up here, we’re in a trap here… and we’re f*cked! I don’t know… that’s it… Everything is cancelled. There will be no home.

(W): You won’t be calling anymore?

(R): Don’t tell anyone anything, got it?

(W): I said go home!

(R): Did you hear me or what?

(W): I did!

(R): What did I tell you? That home is cancelled. That’s it. We’re f*cked!

(W): Home what? F*cked what, get out!

(R): We have a lot of wounded, and nowhere to go. Nowhere! We’re in a trap.

(W): Go home.

(R): Today is Ukraine’s Independence Day, they’re showing their teeth properly. Anyway…

(W): You don’t care, go home!

(R): God willing… go where?! Are you a fool or what? There’s nowhere to go. Nowhere. We’re f*cking surrounded. Anyway, come on. All will be fine, but this phone is no more. I don’t know where are all the wounded, I’m calling from f*ck knows whose phone. Someone else’s.

(W): I see. You go home, okay?

(R): Right, all will be fine, that’s it!

(W): Alright.

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