Intercepted Call: “We already came to terms we won’t be coming back”

Posted on 12 June 2022



Russian soldier does not believe he can get out of Ukraine alive. This is evidenced from an intercepted call between him and his mother. Unclear what “sold the road” means but one thing for sure – the soldier’s morale is very low.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman, presumably mother


(W): How are you?


(R): Not much. So-so. *explosions in the background*


(W): How come?


(R): We are being sent into combat. Twenty people.


(W): You as well?


(R): Yeah.


(W): Oh son, just don’t start anything first. Alright?


(R): There is no difference, first or second. We are going there, going for death. They have a battalion, we are 20 people.


(W): When are you being sent, son?


(R): Well, they wanted today, wanted yesterday… We already came to terms that if we go there, we won’t be coming back…


(W): Why?!


(R): Mum! 1000 people, against 30 people?! They simply have no reason to withdraw us and our Colonel.




(R): Since everything will be known. What were they doing here, how… where were they shooting, what they… Everyone’s been sold a long time ago.


(W): You mean yourself?


(R): They sold the road, sold everything. I’m thinking about getting my stuff and just walking out of here. Just walk out through the forests.


(W): And what? They’ll come back searching for you then, son.


(R): They won’t find me in Tayga.


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