Intercepted Call: “Two drunk women came up. They took them.”

Posted on 20 July 2022



Two rascists are discussing the situation in a unit. One complains that instead of the promised three hundred thousand rubles, they actually get paid one hundred and fifty. He also talks about the new “replenishment” – two drunk women came up to the recruitment tent and asked to be taken as cooks. When they unit arrived to Ukraine it had 670 personnel, but now only 130 remain so the need for reinforcements is exceptional.

(R1)=Russian man (R2)=Russian man 2



(R1): F*ck… so how is it going, did you get a raise, Oleg?


(R2): Nope, nope.


(R1): No, I’m asking seriously.


(R2): Seriously! It’s the same, 150k.


(R1): Huh, 150k, that’s f*cking alright, 150k.


(R2): But they are meant to be paying 300k. […] They’ve set up a tent in the centre of the town… where I live, right?


(R1): Right.


(R2): Two drunk women came up. They were drunk, came up, said – we’re going *with you*. They were asked – “as who?”. They said – as cooks. So they took them.


(R1): F*cks sake!


(R2): They’re literally grabbing everyone, as long as you say – I’m going. As long as you say, that’s it. And you’re in. When we went here we’ve had 670 people. Now we have 150-147… perhaps even 130 by now.

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