Intercepted Call: “They won’t tell you truth on TV.”

Posted on 09 August 2022



In this intercepted call provided by GUR we find out how the Russian soldier in Kherson Oblast speaks to his parent about his situation – there’s not enough people to advance, but they are holding up for now. There’s a lot going on around him with horrible deaths and injuries of his fellow servicemen.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(W): Please tell me, did you go away without chains? Those chains that are on you, is that all from [killed] soldiers?


(R): Yeah… some I found, some I took off… […] Our vehicle was blown up, well, we’re without a combat vehicle now.


(W): Are you alive? Is everything okay? Is anything wounded?


(R): […] The unit that was next to us, the boys have “300’s” [wounded]. “300’s” are those with injuries of arms or legs.


(W): I’m seeing how many [people] this war has crippled, not so much of those killed but those with no arms, no legs. You watch on TV, on the internet, holy sh*t, it’s mainly arms and legs, arms and legs… Is that from shrapnel, yes?


(R): Yes, yes… Yesterday, next to us, the shrapnel was flying, but we made it out… […] Here, if someone gets killed, mum, I saw how a week ago our company commander and deputy commander had an arrival… into the trench, they were just torn in half, they were loaded in bags and taken away… it’s all done with them. We are currently staying in defence, because there’s not enough people to advance, they [Ukrainians] go into attacks too, but those of ours guys at the front are repelling… holding up for now…


(W): There will be no end to this for, for sure.


(R): F*ck knows, they say if they don’t calm down until winter, it will be hell. Those locals who stayed they have no gas, no food…


(W): Not just locals, how many of our boys, young guys like you will be dying? For what? Just to defend the borders? So that no one could go into our Russia?


(R): It doesn’t matter, there are many here who see the battle for the first time, there are lots of refuseniks… they have an option to refuse because they are contractors, volunteers, but have an option to refuse to go somewhere to quieter positions, since many who see this realise it’s not a joke at all…


(W): I don’t even watch TV anymore just to not get upset another time, I don’t know what’s going on there.


(R): We have a lot of losses, they won’t tell you truth on TV.


(W): Obviously they won’t! Who needs it?! People will start rioting otherwise!

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