Intercepted Call: “This TV is a drop in an ocean”

Posted on 26 June 2022



Intercepted by GUR, this phone call between a Russian soldier and his wife reveals some details about the scale of looting in Ukraine. The invader admits he “only” stole the TV, which is nothing compared to looting by others, including his commanders.


(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman



(W): Hello?


(R): Hello.


(W): I didn’t recognise the voice at all.


(R): […] Do you understand where I am? And we’ve had moments here when our commander… a few houses were shot at. The people have left, and they took cars, you know what I mean? Those who happened to be there in the right moment, they took away… the beautiful house, and everyone took what they could. When I came in, no one noticed it *the TV* in the box. I opened the box and, holy f*ck, I took it and left.


(W): So basically, stole it. I see.


(R): Bunny, everyone was stealing what they could.


(W): This is an answer to a question of where it came from.


(R): I’m telling you honestly, I was just lucky, honey. I was just lucky. If only you saw how much the commanders sent to their homes, of electronics and everything. I won’t be telling some of these things right now, but… holy sh*t. You can’t even imagine how much. This TV is a drop in an ocean.


(W): I see.

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