Intercepted Call: “They won’t show that on TV. They’ll never tell the truth. We are losing.”

Posted on 20 July 2022



Russians cannot come to terms with the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are obliterating their troops near Kharkiv. This reality contrasts sharply with the pseudo-victorious pictures of the Russian army that are shown to them on TV. This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation intercepted by the SBU.

In this call, the Russian invader explains to his mother that our of 90 tanks that their regiment was meant to have, only 14 remain intact. In addition, the artillery isn’t helping since poorly trained artillerymen who only had two days of training are unable to hit anything. At the same time, neither have any shortage of insults for Ukrainians, who are defending their own country from the invaders speaking on the phone.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman



(W): Are you being shelled or not?


(R): Every day.


(W): Bastards… hohol scum…


(R): Scumbags! We’re being pushed… we’re losing, for now…


(W): You are losing, others are winning everywhere…


(R): It’s what they tell you on TV in colours, in reality it’s very different here. They won’t show that on TV. They’ll never tell the truth. We are losing.


(W): Why?


(R): We’re pushed, pressed.


(W): How many of you are left?


(R): Barely anyone.


(W): Why say that?


(R): Well, we have the 1st battalion, and my 3rd battalion. We should have around 90 thanks but we’ve got, you know how many? We have around 14 tanks left, if all combined together from a regiment. From a regiment we have 14 tanks left.


(W): Do you not have artillery?


(R): We do.


(W): You do have artillery?


(R): Yes, but it is so crooked that you can measure their misses in kilometers. So it’s really sad. The boys were taken to Naro… Naro-Fominsk in Moscow, trained for two days on tanks, artillerymen trained for two days, trained for two days and that was it, sent to the frontline. And they can’t hit anything. Nothing.

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