Intercepted Call: “They took their battalion commander prisoner”

Posted on 03 July 2022



In this call intercepted and published by Ukrainian GUR, the separatist soldier in a discussion with his wife tells her about the current situation while she shares her concerns. At one point they mention a “fourth battalion” where soldiers took their own commander prisoner.

(R)=Russian (separatist) soldier (W)=Woman



(W): Bad information is coming through, horror.


(R): What?


(W): That a lot of wounded, dead are being taken away, a lot of captives taken.


(R): Yes, we got into a bit of a scuffle yesterday. I thought I’d never hear you again.


(W): Dear, don’t risk it.


(R): How is it – don’t risk it, if there’s no one here, it’s f*cked. I can’t just take and run the f*ck away.


(W): F*ck, the fourth, it is… they published, I texted Vanya, it’s a mess.


(R): The fourth is a battalion, they took their kombat *battalion commander* prisoner, forced to stay with him so he wouldn’t run away. It’s because they have a f*ckload of 300s *wounded*.


(W): Well, they are refusing… to serve.


(R): Mhm.


(W): There’s a video on telegram.


(R): With their appeal?


(W): Yes.


(R): We also yesterday… loaded the vehicles, were ready to get the f*ck out. An order came through to stay… anyway, f*cking c*nts.


(W): Can you not just send this commander *to hell*? Who’s sitting somewhere…


(R): He’s a Russian, he’s here at the front.


(W): Aaaah.


(R): Yesterday over 20 people 300s *wounded* Russians were moved away.

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