Intercepted Call: “They shoot them and say they went missing”

Posted on 09 August 2022



A gloomy Russian solider tells his wife about the hardships of war. He first describes how artillery spotters screwed up leading to shelling of their own positions. Then proceeds to explain how few shells the Russian army can use, hilariously imitating various noises. And finally, tells he cannot even leave as rapid response units can catch and kill you. This appears to be one of the so-called L/DPR soldiers but it is not specified.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman 


(R): Ours [own] have f*cked up our [own], or you can say, us. [They] put down “Grads” 30 meters away from us.


(W): They did what?


(R): Our [own] have f*cked up our [own], in the morning.


(W): Are they fools, or what?


(R): Well, some fool adjusted this way – 500 to the south. But 500 to the north was needed.


(W): What an idiot, how is it possible?


(R): They don’t even know where’s south and north. “Spotters”. And again today they assaulted old positions, again hohols put down everyone. We wanted to bring them back, they put down everyone. 200’s, 300’s [dead and wounded]. The attack stalled. And the attack was hilarious, there were five people attacking a hundred. Deputy battalion commander ordered it, the big guy, f*cking f*ggot.


(W): How are the wounded being taken out?


(R): They crawl out themselves. If crawled out, then crawled out. If not – dead. Good if other can help to get you out. If not, you crawl yourself. That’s what they said to us on the radio. Get out on your own… Irisha, every day it’s getting worse, and worse, and worse, and worse. And people are fewer, fewer, fewer. Ammunitions are fewer, fewer, fewer. Before they fired 10 [shells/missiles], or 20. Now 3-4 rockets – “pffft, pfft” [imitating pathetic farting sound]. Mortar bombs – pffft, pffft. Hohols do –  “pap, pap, pap, pap, pap” [imitating rapid intensive fire]. And they [Russians] – “pffft, pffft” in response. I’m saying, the hohols must be laughing their asses off. Pissing boiling water from laughter. We’re sitting in trenches hiding from our own, while they are standing in full height, laughing. Because they know that the Russian idiot won’t hit them. I was hoping for the Russian army… but it turned out to be bullsh*t. It doesn’t even smell like Russian army here.


(W): The army is only pretty on the TV.


(R): Leaving the positions it will be very difficult.


(W): What?


(R): I’m saying it will be difficult to leave the positions. There are also f*cking special units here, the rapid response team. They catch [people] and just shoot them. And then they’ll say that he left or went missing.

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