Intercepted Call: “They raped three girls in Belgorod”.

Posted on 19 August 2022



The Russian soldier tells his mother how the soldiers that were stationed in Belgorod and were meant to replace their unit are all held in the city, presumably in prison, since some of them attacked and raped locals. He also says how the majority of his unit, including the senior commander, have written discharge notices.


(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(R): Even my commander of my… he wrote a discharge [notice]… a refusal…


(W): Did you write it?


(R): Yes, everyone did. All 30 people.


(W): That’s right. Won’t they put you to prison?


(R): Even the Lt. Colonel wrote it. Nah, they won’t imprison anyone.


(W): Well, I don’t know how… everyone here is running to lawyers.


(R): Let them do whatever they want!


(W): Did [unintelligible] call you?


(R): No.


(W): Right… We’ll see if they even sign your notice.


(R): They are running after us for two days, up our a*ses, saying: “We’ll let you go on leave for 10 days, just come back after”. I said, “If you let me go on leave I’m not coming back”. 


(W): Right… Meanwhile in Belgorod there are 500 people in prison, who are… what’s it called… we had a guy taken away, the boy is 28 years old, his mum is crying…


(R): Those people that should have come to replace us, they raped three girls in Belgorod, one was 14, 15 and 17. Because of that, they are not sending anyone else here, because they rape people.


(W): For real? Our soldiers? Volunteers?


(R): Yes.


(W): Horror… How they sh*t themselves! Unlike mine [boys or sons supposedly]. They sh*at themselves. That’s why 500 people are there… [unintelligible] called yesterday. Anyway, [she said] people were forced to sign a contract. They are forced.


(R): They can’t, mum, force to sign a contract.


(W): Son…


(R): Mum, they can promise money, and these idiots will agree, like we agreed to come here for money.

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