Intercepted Call: “They just threw us in like f*cking meat.”

Posted on 26 June 2022



Once again we are finding out how Russian soldiers are used as meat in the endless and meaningless attacks of Russian command. In this intercepted call, the soldier reveals his opinion of the plan proposed to him, which he ridiculed and refused to obey.

(R)=Russian soldier (M)=Man



(R): Yesterday… My BTR *APC* burned down… it got f*cked. Everything I had burned in it. The keys, everything… All the sh*t. Yesterday they went to attack, I looked at their plan, I said – “f*ck you guys, I’m not going with you, you’ll be done there”.


(M): So what was in the end? How many dead, how many wounded etc?


(R): No one knows about the dead. They say the whole detachment got f*cked in a BTR. They had three people wounded left. Somehow they reached out, they were all abandoned there. Those who could, they managed to get the f*ck out. F*ck, once again they made up some sh*t, to go into an attack… There we go, please. Anyway, I’m already thinking to run away. If they are not permitting my leave – f*ck them.


(M): What did they say about leave? Why is it not allowed?


(R): Due to the offensive. What sort of leave during an offensive? … They aren’t paying money. No rotation… so.


(M): Yea, right, gotta get out of there.


(R): They just threw us in like f*cking meat.


(M): How many people do you have at all?


(R): Around 80 people f*cked off. Of us, there are 6 people left or so.


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