Intercepted Call: “Their socks are better than ours”

Posted on 10 July 2022



Genuinely surprised Russian soldier in a discussion with his wife or girlfriend tells her about the state of the equipment and clothing available to Ukrainian soldiers. He mentions socks, gloves, rucksacks and helmets that are a whole level above what is provided to Russian troops.

This means Russian soldiers have to equip themselves with whatever they can salvage from the Ukrainian side. In this case, the Russian soldiers says that his camouflage he is using was in fact made in the USA. He’s left wondering how come Ukrainian own industry provides much better equipment than what the second army in the world can provide.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman



(W): I have a feeling like we have nothing.


(R): Me too. I’m just… exactly as you said, I have a feeling that we’ve got f*ck all. I’m right now walking in… I have f*ckton of Ukrainian socks, and I realise how f*cking awesome they are. But our socks, I don’t know, can only be used to mop floors.


(W): As always… *unintelligible*


(R): You remember, me and you were buying trekking socks for for 400, 600 rubles? 


(W): Yes.


(R): They are given such *socks*. Fleece gloves that cost us 1,500 rubles, they are just given, with spraying that doesn’t burn. I don’t know… I have a camouflage, it is NATO, it was sewn in America, it has American tags *laughs*. The same can be said about all the other clothes that they have, the equipment. Without even talking about what they are supplied *from abroad*, but their own industry, like their rucksacks, their helmets. It’s another level. I just don’t know why is it so. I can’t understand…

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