Intercepted Call: “The phone number is unavailable, Russian fascist go f*ck yourself!”

Posted on 21 August 2022



Russian soldier tells his girlfriend he will soon be finally withdrawn to Russia as “everyone is giving up”. He tells her about a broken tank, and a curious story where some soldier’s mum tried calling him and instead heard curse words in response through the answerphone.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman


(R): I have good news.


(W): What news?


(R): In the nearest days, we will be withdrawn.


(W): To Russia?


(R): Yes.


(W): Nearest days, when’s that?


(R): This month, for sure. […] I’m just really hoping right now that we will be truly withdrawn and we get out of here finally, because it’s so f*cked. I was leaving a position, I see a tank is down, and the crew is running away *laughs*. I’m thinking – there must have been an arrival. But it turned out the tank was defective, and it caught fire […] So, I think that soon, soon. I knew we’d be withdrawn soon, because we’re done, we have people giving up. We have so many people who refused. We should have had an offensive in the nearest future, but there is not enough people. Because everyone refused. It’s a true a*s here. Some guy’s mum called him, and you know what they said [in the automatic response]? They said – “The phone number is unavailable, Russian fascist go f*ck yourself!”, can you imagine? 


(W): Yeah…


(R): Today also, right in the morning when I woke up, we already had fighters here, artillery working, everything’s working, it’s brutal.

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