Intercepted Call: “The people are rebelling. The people are refusing to carry out orders”.

Posted on 01 July 2022



In the latest intercepted call brought to you by GUR, the Russian invader reveals continuing efforts to get out of Ukraine as soon as possible, by submitting discharge notices (of which the commander has a huge pile) and asking his mum to contact Ministry of Defence. It’s not really working.

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=His mother



(W): Hey! How is it? Any news?


(R): Well, I wrote it (the discharge notice).


(W): Have they accepted it?


(R): I don’t know. They took it, but no info.


(W): Didn’t say anything?


(R): Mhm.


(W): Did everyone else write it?


(R): Yes.


(W): Whom did you give it back to?


(R): To some regiment commander. He had a huge pile already, that’s the only thing I can say for sure. Almost everyone wrote a “refusal”. Yesterday they said these will be passed to the army HQs, and then will see.


(W): I read on Telegram today the news – “800 Russian servicemen refused to take part in combat due to low psychological morale…


(R): I see. Did you put anything on the website?


(W): On the (Ministry of Defence) website I wrote today, on Monday. On Tuesday I’ll also send a letter in writing…


(R): Did you get an answer?


(W): The answer will come within 30 days.


(R): *laughs* you can die while waiting.


(W): Yes, it’s not certain it *the answer* will come, but if it doesn’t come within 30 working days then I need to contact military prosecution office, if they do not respond to this complaint. I have no money to hire a lawyer.


(R): No need to to hire anything, we can solve it.


(W): What can we solve, Edik?


(R): We will solve it, mum. The people are rebelling. The people are refusing to carry out orders.

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