Intercepted Call: “The command is completely finished”

Posted on 16 August 2022



The Russian soldier, who is evidently still in Ukraine, but possibly is heading home, tells his friend about his experience of the war. He complains how he doesn’t get paid, and instead of salary of 400,00 rubles and “combat” payments for going into attacks, in over two months he has only received 80 thousand rubles. Additionally, according to the lists he is not meant to be in Ukraine at all, but instead should be serving as a rifleman in Moscow region. Instead, he drives a “box”, which is either a tank or an APC.

(R)=Russian man (M)=Other man

(R): That last offensive before home, f*ck knows… not enough tanks, my tanks are dying. It’s such an a*s, it’s so f*cked up!


(M): I know, I know.


(R): You don’t, f*ck, on TV they don’t show this.


(M): I know it’s all bullsh*t.


(R): Out of 30 people we have 11 left now.


(M): F*ck.


(R): So I’m telling you, what’s on the TV is all complete bullsh*t. I’m not being paid money either, f*cks sake, Tan’ka said that the salary should have come with a “combat” payment for a month. Anyway, for two months I’ve got 80 thousand rubles. And it should have already been 400 thousand. I have so many “combat” payments [i.e. payments for attacks]. Do you know where I am, according to the lists? I’m in Moscow! I’m a rifleman-grenade launcher in Yampol regiment. But here I’m driving in a “box” [tank]. So it is. Complete bullsh*t. Guys are without money, I’m telling you, some refuse and don’t want to go, imagine? It’s the third month, but simply no money. And according to the lists they are in Russia. […] Those of ours who f*cked off, who left, they’ve been at home for a month now, and they get paid 80 thousand salary. This doesn’t go outside of the unit [as in the information]


(M): Right, I see.


(R): There’s no one left to fight. The command is completely finished, even our own [troops] are f*cking us, the artillery sometimes fires at us. I didn’t think that after Chechnya I will [get into this], this ain’t war, this is total bullsh*t. Like I said, it’s the last time when I signed up for this army.

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