Intercepted Call: “Some airport blew up, negligence!”

Posted on 14 August 2022



Two Russian soldiers are discussing the Crimea explosions in this intercepted call. Neither appear to believe the official version stating it was negligence. One of them then tells about some Petya who was allegedly wounded in the bottom.

(RU)=Russian man (RU2)=Another Russian man


(RU): They say that probably, probably, half a year and we will be discharged, but it’s not certain we will go home, you see?


(RU2): Yeah.


(RU): We can just be thrown into other units… well, we might go to the DPR, but not home for sure, you see?


(RU2): Mhm.


(RU): DPR are lacking infantry, they even say it on the news.


(RU2): Mhm.


(RU): F*cking infrantry, that will be capturing all of this. So it’s possible we will be remembering all of this with joy.


(RU2): What do they say on the news?


(RU): On the news? What about the news? Nothing really. In Crimea… In Crimea some airport, they say, blew up. They say “negligence”. While refuelling, ammunitions exploded, in Crimea.


(RU2): What refuelling? The Ukrops have f*cked it with rockets.


(RU): Yeah! And the Hohols are saying that yes, with rockets. But Russians on TV [say] that f*ck no, it was negligence. They are not admitting at all. But Ukrops say it was them who f*cked it. But those [Russians] are denying it for some reason.


(RU2): Because it’s shameful.


(RU): Well yeah, they say the sky is covered, but here’s an arrival, holy f*ck.


(RU2): The praised air defence didn’t work once again. 


(RU): Yeah, and it’s also in Crimea, there will be panic.


(RU2): Yeah… maybe they’ll strike the bridge too.


(RU): Yeah, that would be crazy, can you imagine? Capture of Russia, if it turns out…


(RU2): You know about Petya?


(RU): Yes, of course. Guy went to take a sh*t. F*ck me… And you didn’t have anything anti-shock, nothing? You gave everything away? F*ck, I can imagine how he was screaming there.


(RU2): Yes, and the sun was shining at the wound, as if he was burning on a fire.

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