Intercepted Call: “So, I killed, Natasha, I had to kill.”

Posted on 17 July 2022



In this call intercepted by GUR, the Russian invaders describes how he “had” to kill a woman who gave up his unit’s position to Ukrainian artillerymen which resulted in their village getting shelled. Additionally, he says how he was transferred to another artillery unit as his old battalion of 300 people was all destroyed with only 15 people remaining.

(R)=Russian man (W)=Woman 


(R): I moved to another unit. I am in artillery now… since our battalion is no more. It was all smashed.


(W): Oh, oh, oh, oh…


(R): Out of 300 people, 15 remained.


(W): Oh, oh, oh, oh…


(R): And I’m one of those 15 people.


(W): Oh! In that forest *where you called form* last time, was it all good?


(R): It was in the forest where we got smashed.


(W): In the forest?


(R): Yes. In front of my eyes… my friends… right into them a bomb arrived, three of them.


(W): Oh.


(R): In one night, 50 tanks were burned. Imagine, 50 tanks were burned… Our, 50 Russian tanks… 50 units. So….


(W): Your psyche must have been disturbed there.


(R): Natasha you know, the worst thing is I killed a woman. *unintelligibile* I couldn’t fall alseep when I killed a woman.


(W): What for?


(R): Ah, she walked around the village at night. And in the morning our whole village was shelled.


(W): So she snitched on you?…Oh… Maybe she was a sniper?


(R): No, she gave the coordinates of where we were, and they started smashing us with shells, with guns. She started running… and I shot her. The boys said it was the right thing to do… So, I killed, Natasha, I had to kill. One guy was standing on his knees begging not to kill, but I shot him.


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