Intercepted Call: Situation in Donbas for Russian soldiers is grim despite successes

Posted on 31 May 2022



In a recent call intercepted by Ukrainian GUR, a Russian invader moans to his woman about massive losses of the Russian Armed Forces taken while storming various settlements in Donbas. The call is recent as the soldiers mentions Krasnyi Lyman which was taken by the Russians a few days before this post was made (31 May 2022).

The source on GUR’s YouTube channel is below (age restricted so you may need to visit YouTube directly), with the translation following it:

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(W): How’s it going there?


(R): We’re advancing…


(W): Lyman?


(R): Lyman’s already taken.


(W): Yeah, I’ve read.


(R): They, basically, took Lyman, started advancing further, but further is the “greenery”, the same as we have – fields, forests. They got busted up… It was easier for them in the city, the artillery doesn’t work the same way, however the artillery is slapping so hard here you can’t get your nose out at the front, so they got busted up big time. Our direction in general is the most f*cked “…” They promised a medal to me.


(W): Holy hell!


(R): Nah… it’s just insofar as… the main thing is to come back home, Yulya, and for the boys to stay alive. Since those who came with me, the first batch, seven people are remaining out of sixty. “…” Every day we have wounded, every single day wounded, every day killed, you see? Every day someone dies, every day someone gets wounded. People are taken out of here in droves, you see? Going into an attack is a f*cking nightmare, imagine – they *Ukrainians* are sitting in entrenched, they have embrasures, they have everything poured in with concrete. They have trenches, they just sit there and wait for us and simply shoot us. They *command* said to us they’ll be paying 8,000 Rubles ($125) with each attack. And we attack every day… But you see how it works – it’s an attack agreed with General Staff, right? So they’ll say in Moscow – “this brigade should be attacking”… but during all this time, while we’ve been here, we officially attacked for just 3 days, right? While in reality, we’ve been attacking for a month now! I’m telling you, they are such c*nts, I can’t call them any other way, this is just so… At least give the people… why did you set the payment in dollars? You should pay people in rubles!


(W): I don’t understand, why dollars?


(R): Because it’s profitable for them, you see?! They know the dollar price is falling. It will come to that dollar will be 30 rubles, and they’ll be paying us $53!


(W): They can’t just dump the military like that!


(R): How come – “can’t”? I thought they treat the military like rubbish while I was there *at home*, but when I came here, I realised who the military are, you see? Especially the infantry – I’m an infantry, we are mere consumables, right? No one gives a f*ck here, there are wounded here who’ve been lying for weeks, who need to be urgently evacuated…

As we can hear from the intercepted call, Russians are having a real hard time advancing on well-prepared positions of the Ukrainians, especially when they enter the strike zone of the deadly Ukrainian artillery. No wonder – Ukraine had years to prepare defences in the JFO area in Donbas, knowing this would be the main direction of the Russian strike, so no expense was spared at reinforcing these positions to make an offensive a complete nightmare for the invader.

We also discover that Russian soldiers are paid for attacks they take part in, 8000 rubles per each attack. This equals to about $125 in today’s Russia’s fake ruble exchange rate, which, surprisingly, continues strengthening despite sanctions and crumbling Russian economy (manipulation by Russian Ministry of Finance helps with that). Russian command wouldn’t be Russian command without some tricks in the sleeve – in this call, the soldier complaints how Russia pays them in USD rather than rubles – this way, the exchange rate of a ‘strengthening’ ruble results in less rubles a soldier can get for his dollars, as far as my understanding goes.

And as usual, this Russian soldier once again confirms he feels his command treats them like cannon fodder without any regard for their lives. Good luck, anonymous Russian soldier – you will need it, but you should have thought twice before coming to another country to invade, pillage, loot and destroy.

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