Intercepted call: Russian soldiers ready to kill their General

Posted on 30 May 2022



Russian soldiers are ready to kill their generals who are forcing them to go on the offensive. In the Donetsk region, Russian volunteers-contractors nearly shot General Valery Solodchuk and his bodyguards, who had arrived to quell the mutiny and force the “refusniks” to continue fighting. It appears that the soldier might be belonging to an artillery unit as he mentioned guns.

The soldiers refused to obey the order. So the Russian general shamefully fled the front line. This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation between the invaders, which was intercepted by the SBU. The soldier complains to his woman that only a third of their brigade (over 600 people) remained, and the rest were killed or wounded. He also describes how one soldier refused to be blackmailed with death and suggested to blow them all up with a grenade:

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman

(R):Last night the commander arrived.

(W): The company commander arrived?

(R):What company? The area… the f*cker came here. He was asked a question… by someone whos contract is ending… And he asked me – “How long until the end of your contract?”. I said – “20-something days”. He – “Well, you have twenty days to die here.

(W): Is he out of his f*cking mind?

(R):Yep. And then everyone started refusing going forward, going to the front. That’s bullshit now. Our BTG, of 600 people, we have 215 people remaining. Everyone else is either killed or wounded.

(W): F*cking motherf*cker. Is he f*cking nuts?

(R):Yeah… in our battery almost everyone refused, f*ck. He started waving with his gun, shooting, said – “I’ll kill you if you don’t go there!”. And then this kid says – “Come on, kill!”. F*ck, he pulled out the grenade, the pin, and said – “Come on, shoot me, come on! We’ll blow up together here”. That’s all. Even spetsnaz were pointing guns at us, and we pointed guns at them too. In short, we almost shot each other, f*ck. He got in his car and left.

(W): F*ck this! Go home now!

(R):I think so too, f*ck. After his words I don’t want to stay here at all! F*ck this! He said – “You have twenty days…”

(W): What’s his last name?

(R):Solodchuk. Col. General.

(W): Scumchuk?

(R):So-lod-chuk. Col. General.

(W): F*cking f***ot. Is he insane?

(R):Thing is, our brigade is just unable to capture anything anymore, since, for f*cks sake, there’s nothing left here! Everything is smashed up! There’s no personnel left, there’s f*ck all! F*ck, we only have one staff gun commander remaining. We have only two guns left out of twelve! Everything is smashed up to bits! And out of the 12 vehicles, only three that can still move!

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