Intercepted Call: Russian soldiers in Kherson turn into old men on the frontline

Posted on 16 June 2022



Russian invaders in the Kherson region suffer from the Ukrainian Armed Forces – they can’t come out of trenches, turn into old men from fear, and see artillery adjusters in every grandmother. This is evidenced by new telephone conversations of Russian invaders, which were intercepted by the SBU.



(R1)=Russian soldier 1 (R2)=Russian Soldier 2



(R1): So, what’s going on, tell me. Anything new?


(R2): Our guys are losing their minds at the frontlines, it’s so f*cked up.


(R1): Why?


(R2): They’re being bombed every day, every day! I went there, to the boys at the very front, first of all they all have turned into old men now, secondly they are hiding like rabbits in their holes, you see? As soon as something whistles – bam they are in the holes, rabbits would be jealous of them.


(R1): So they aged, didn’t they?


(R2): For your understanding, they are losing their marbles… Just imagine for a second, 24/7 you are bombed. There are heavy fights where they are […] For the locals – no one is sure: who they are, what they do. They might be fighting us at night but in daytime they are civilian people driving around in cars. No one can be trusted here, no one at all. A grandmother might be walking around carrying pies, but at night she may turn out to be a Colonel, artillery adjuster.


(R1): Yeah, but I mean, from our side there are no offensive operations, from the Russian side?


(R2):What’s the point? They’re entrenched, if you go there they’ll f*ck you up from the trenches.


(R1): What do you mean they are entrenched, are they underground or what?


(R2):Yes! These people were fighting for eight years, preparing for this f*cking war… Their positions are insane, Hitler would be jealous.


(R1): Well, then they need to stay underground…


(R2): Ring Volodya *Putin* and tell him.


(R1): *laughs*


(R2): For your understanding, our pilots are afraid to fly. They are shot down by them *Ukrainians* and us likewise.

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