Intercepted Call: Russian soldiers forced to eat dogs due to poor provisions supplies

Posted on 11 June 2022



In two separate intercepted phone calls, Russian soldiers are telling their mothers about the state of food supply in the Russian army. In the first case, the invader says he had to eat a dog since they “wanted some meat”. In the other, the soldier describes how they provisions they are delivered are far from what is expected with only some random soups and vegetable salads that should rather be fed to animals.


The transcript follows:

(R)=Russian soldier (W)=Woman, presumably mother


Call 1.


(W): Hello my dear. How are you?


(R): You know what I ate today? You’ve never eaten this before.


(W): What?


(R): An animal.


(W): A badger?


(R): No.


(W): Mouse?


(R): No.


(W): Rat?


(R): A dog.


(W): Oh my god… Are you not being fed at all?


(R): Well, we wanted some meat.


(W): And?


(R): Nothing, I think it was alright. Although the meat is hard.


(W): Oh… This makes me sick…


Call 2.

(R): So, how’s it going?


(W): It’s alright, fine! “…” What do you have to eat?


(R): Eh… To eat… They brought some tin cans… Some salad with carrot, cabbage, we binned it straight away. It’s total crap. It’s like it’s for pigs.


(W): Yeah?


(R): Some strange soup…


(W): How many dry rations do you have?


(R): At the moment, none. Must have been nicked.


(W): They must be taking them out and selling somewhere?


(R): For sure…

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